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The State of California is popular for its nineteenth-century Gold Rush, which brought about its first breakthrough in diversity and population count. Currently, it stands out as the most populous, and third-largest state in the United States. Aside from size and numbers, California also leads the pack, both nationally and globally, in so many other ways. It is widely regarded as the birthing place for major trends in politics, technology, entertainment, and popular culture. It also supports a vibrant and diverse economy – the largest in the world, as well as, a thriving agricultural industry.

With its shared boundaries along with the States of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and the Mexican Baja California, California is not exempted from the substance abuse trend of its neighboring states. Substances commonly abused in California include alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, opioids, amphetamines, and prescription drugs. Addiction treatment in California consists of many leading California drug rehab centers and alcoholism treatment programs.

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Rehab Centers in California

8207 Mulholland Drive,

Los Angeles

California 90046

3151 Airway Avenue,

Costa Mesa

California 92626

21734 Amble Drive, ,


California 92029-4800

1800 Bridgegate Street,

Westlake Village

California 91361

35450 Pegasus Ct,,

Palm Desert

California 92211

33861 Granada Dr,

Dana Point

California 92629

775 Sunrise Ave STE 210,


California 95661

36451 El Camino Dr,


California 93551

33171 Paseo Cerveza,

San Juan Capistrano

California 92675

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Addiction Statistics in California

2018 data from the California Health Care Foundation showed that most instances of substance abuse among Californians began in their adolescence. Over half the students in Eleventh Grade reported having used alcohol for the first time, and up to 40% reported marijuana use. Substance use was most prevalent among young adults aged 18 to 25, with the group average almost twice the overall state average. Drug and alcohol deaths were highest for individuals aged between 36 and 64. The rates, however, differed concerning age. While drug-induced deaths were prevalent in young adults, alcohol-induced deaths were more common in older people (aged 65 and above). On average, up to 8% of Californians met the criteria for substance abuse disorders, whereas only about 10% of this number received treatment.

Opioid-involved deaths are also common in the state, even though the national average far exceeds the state average. In 2018, opioid-involved deaths in California were 45% of overall overdose deaths, with an average of 5.8 (2410 per 100,000), which was far lower than the national average of 14.6. With the help of drug treatment in California, men and women have an opportunity to recover.

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The adverse effects of substance abuse and addiction on one’s relationships, career, finances, and health are tremendous. None of these could be worse than the frustration associated with an inability to find customized treatment programs. A customized treatment procedure incorporates the right combination of professionals, therapies and strategies, and yields predictable results. Regardless of your age, or substance use history, finding a treatment regimen that suits your personal experience can be relieving.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in California, we work with a network of rehabilitation facilities to help you locate and secure your dream recovery program. Our recommendations are located within the State of California and possess track records of consistency. As a result, you enjoy best, research-proven regimens from an in-state program, while staying in touch with your friends and family members. Moreover, you are spared the stress of traveling long distances or incurring additional costs in a bid to secure the right addiction therapy.

Contact our recovery advocates via the phone number provided and discover what California drug rehab program would suit you best.

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