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The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA is one of the premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinics in the area. Substance misuse is a condition common to people of all ages and classes. Addiction is considered a disease that must be carefully handled to get the affected individual living in sobriety once more. Hence, the typical initial step in any rehab mission is detoxification, which will help set an individual on the right path to recovery.

Facilities that provide detailed addiction treatment program services abound in the United States, and one of these is The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California. If you’re interested in a solid program, then Midwest Detox Center can be the first step to lifelong recovery from drug abuse or alcoholism.

The Hills Treatment Center
8207 Mulholland Drive

Los Angeles, California 90046

Category: Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, Intervention Services

Substance addiction, whether to alcohol, prescription, or illegal drugs, is a complex illness characterized by intense cravings and dangerous consequences. The magnitude of the effects of chemical dependency widely varies among individuals but has a common factor of denying the person affected the chance to live everyday life. It is not uncommon for alcohol and drug addiction to negatively impact work or school efforts and even strain family and social relationships. Consequently, the steps engaged in rehabilitation to achieve healthy sobriety must be comprehensive and highly individualized. The professional team at The Hills takes this crucial factor into account and provides detailed recovery plans to address the physical and emotional needs of the chemically dependent individual.

About the facility in The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

The Hills Treatment Center is the premier substance abuse and alcohol addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. Located in West Hollywood, the facility is nestled on four acres of land in the famous Laurel Canyon. Furthermore, the center offers a unique educational and therapeutic experience that aligns with the highest regard for chemical dependency treatment. Notably, the facility primarily stands out for its all-inclusive treatment stance, which many other rehab facilities do not offer. Thus, at The Hills, men, women, and members of the LGBTQ community can hope to receive the comprehensive care they require for healing.

The professional team is composed of highly qualified and experienced practitioners in the field of addiction medicine. They include a psychiatrist, doctor, fitness instructor, and other clinical staff. These specialists help to enhance clients’ recovery through the warm and compassionate care they extend. In their approach, they ensure to treat recovering individuals with respect and dignity whilst still placing the right amount of emphasis on the addiction. Moreover, the center is certified by Legit Script, attesting to the premium care offered at The Hills.

What rehabilitation programs can you expect to receive at The Hills?

The services offered at the facility include residential treatment, intensive and general outpatient treatment, aftercare, dual diagnosis treatment, and several family-focused programs.

Residential treatment is predominantly required for severe cases of alcoholism or drug dependence. Clients first undergo detox to exhaustively remove all traces of the substance left in their bodies. Then, they are treated to various forms of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, group, and individual therapy. The purpose here is to facilitate healing from the mental strain of addiction and build emotional regulation abilities to resist relapse in the future. Outpatient care comes after this inpatient treatment and allows for greater flexibility as clients can go home after each day’s programming. For this reason, intensive or general outpatient care is only open to those with moderate forms of addiction or who have completed a residential plan.

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses the condition of a co-occurring addiction where the individual is co-diagnosed with chemical dependency and mental health disorder. Common mental health issues here include depression and anxiety. The simultaneous treatment of both concerns aids faster and more sustainable recovery. The family programs invite the close ones of the recovering individual to encourage a stable support network during and after rehab.

The Hills accepts medical insurance to cover treatment costs, and you can verify your coverage or make further inquiries by contacting the center on (844) 915-0287.


  • Aftercare Program
  • Family Therapy Program
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab
  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Addiction Interventions


  • Most health insurances are accepted.


  • LegitScript Certified


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