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Facilities like California Rehab Campus in Dana Point, CA help to address this deliberating psychiatric condition of addiction and substance abuse through comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment for life-long recovery. Many other complications usually attend drug and alcohol addiction. Aside from the most obvious physical signs on the body organs, chemical dependency increasingly harms the dependent individuals.

Another significant impact of substance addiction is via mental health disorders, creating a combination called co-occurring addiction. Some examples of the most common mental health imbalances that result from substance abuse are depression, uncontrolled anxiety, psychosis, and bipolar disorder. California Rehab Campus in Dana Point, CA is a phone call away from helping you heal.

California Rehab Campus
33861 Granada Dr

Dana Point, California 92629

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Over the years, numerous interventions targeted at curtailing substance use have been introduced in the United States. Even though the structure, effectiveness, and reception of these interventions vary, their shared goal is to get the nation out of the mire of its substance abuse crisis. The primary forms of these interventions are creating awareness through local outreaches and online events, enforcing punitive measures such as incarceration, and promoting addiction treatment enrollments. However, despite the uniqueness of each of the above programs, the crucial roles addiction treatment plays in the United States’ substance use crisis cannot be overemphasized.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the nation annually loses billions to substance use and addiction. These losses include costs expended in incarceration, healthcare, crime, unemployment, and low productivity. With addiction treatment, however, the reversal is phenomenal and the savings enormous. To be placed in perspective, the nation saves between $4 and $7 for every dollar invested in addiction treatment, excluding savings from healthcare costs.

More About California Rehab Campus in Dana Point, CA

California Rehab Campus is a renowned drug and alcohol treatment center in Dana Point, CA. The facility, alongside its staff, takes pleasure in administering high-level personalized care and evidence-based treatment to clients and their loved ones. The therapists and medical professionals at California Rehab Campus are an empathetic crew whose expertise spans various forms and variations of addiction. The track records and excellence portfolios they have built-in their years of experience helping addicted people find abstinence across Dana Point and California are notable. It is thus not surprising that they can design pragmatic addiction treatment programs tailored to the needs of patients. The flexibility of these programs is an exciting quality they possess, which allows therapists to modify them in response to the changing needs of addicted people.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Abstinence in California Rehab Campus in Dana Point, CA

California Rehab Campus’ drug and alcohol detox and treatment programs are based on the outcomes of scientific research. The effectiveness of science-based therapies is widely reported and supported by evidence. The holistic approach to managing substance abuse can address the root cause of addiction, restore abstinence, and help patients return to normalcy post-treatment. Among the various modules offered at the center are Detox, Dual Diagnosis, and Behavioral Therapies, which are off-shoots of this science-based strategy. Recreational sessions, Motivation, Matrix Model, Community Reinforcement modules, and 12-Support Group therapies also feature in the facility’s recovery programs.

Want to Enter High Watch California Rehab Campus?

Aside from its amazing personnel and programs, California Rehab Campus provides the right combination of facilities to ease and hasten your recovery. From its first-class state-of-the-art facilities to the almost therapeutic feel of nature its location lures you into, California Rehab Campus has all it takes to get you out of addiction. That you enjoy these benefits on a budget is simply incredible. You can contact a Recovery Advocate today to make further inquiries and learn more about the programs offered at the center.


  • Medical Drug Detox
  • 30, 60, 90 Day Residential Treatment Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Dual Diagnosis


Most health insurance are accepted.


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