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Psychoeducational Treatment


The purpose of Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment is to enlighten the patient about the causes and effects of addiction. Additionally, this type of treatment prepares patients to develop their willingness to remain clean and sober through group counseling on recovery-focused topics. 

Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment is led by an experienced professional who specializes in addiction recovery. In many treatment centers, the program is facilitated by a physician, therapist, or doctorate-level staff member. There are many drug rehab centers that recognize and provide Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment as part of their comprehensive substance abuse treatment program.

Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment

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More About Psychoeducational Addiction Therapy

The disease of addiction is complex and often requires multiple attempts and various therapy types to help the individual finally be able and ready to end their drug or alcohol use for good. Substance use disorder, also known as addiction, is best treated when there are multiple treatment options. Substance use disorder treatment centers now provide various therapy methods, structures, and strategies to help patients and their treatment providers discover what types of treatment reinforce their recovery. Psychoeducation for addiction treatment is effective because it covers broad topics about addiction and recovery that are easy to understand and informative. 

What is Offered in Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment?

Why is Psychoeducational Therapy Necessary for Helping End Addiction?

Psychoeducation aims to help the patient understand the science behind their addiction and the emotional and mental health challenges that addiction to drugs and alcohol stems from and causes. As a treatment method, it provides the most advanced and up to date information, support, and it is ideal for group settings and individual counseling sessions. The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health document the goals of Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment as well as highlighting what is essential in this type of treatment.

When psychoeducational groups are used as one part of a comprehensive treatment plan, it increases the chances of long-term recovery. Research shows that psychoeducation for addiction treatment does produce positive effects. Some of the contexts in which psychoeducational groups may be most useful are. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI):

  • Helping clients in the pre-contemplative or contemplative level of change to reframe the impact of drug use on their lives, develop an internal need to seek help, and discover avenues for change.
  • Helping clients in early recovery learn more about their disorders, recognize roadblocks to recovery, and deepen understanding of the path they will follow toward recovery.
  • Helping families understand the behavior of a person with substance use disorder in a way that allows them to support the individual in recovery and learn about their own needs for change.
  • Helping clients learn about other resources can help recoveries, such as meditation, relaxation training, anger management, spiritual development, and nutrition.

Where Can I Find a Rehab With Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment?

The treatment centers that we advocate for on our website offer Psychoeducational Addiction Treatment in combination with other evidence-based forms of addiction treatment. Evidence-based forms of therapy include behavioral therapies and pharmacotherapies. These addiction treatment types are proven to help even the most chronic addict or alcoholics get and remain clean and sober long term. To locate a treatment center that offers multiple therapy types, please reach out to one of our treatment experts or the centers directly listed in our database.

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