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Are you searching for Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, CA? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, CA is an addiction treatment facility that is helping fight the substance abuse epidemic. Many Americans currently struggle with substance dependence, irrespective of age or gender. This phenomenon has predominantly been on the increase in recent years due to the illicit drug use epidemic that spread across the country. Therefore, treatment becomes fundamental and must be comprehensive if total healing is to occur. Different therapy plans for alcohol and drug addiction involve residential or outpatient programs with targeted counseling for mental resilience against cravings.

Numerous rehab centers typically focus on providing a specific plan to aid treatment. However, facilities like the Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, CA offer a broad spectrum of treatment options, which give chemically-dependent individuals the best chances at recovery.

Resurgence Behavioral Health
3151 Airway Avenue

Costa Mesa, California 92626

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Alcoholism remains a prevalent disease in America for many decades now. It is not uncommon to find a decent percentage of youths and adults who frequently consume beer, wines, or hard liquor like whiskey or vodka. Even worse is the ally alcohol addiction now has in drug dependence. Drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription medications like codeine or fentanyl are usual culprits in this case. Irrespective of whether the addiction is of alcohol or drugs, the individual involved is at high risk physically and mentally. Therefore, the need for proper rehabilitation from such dependencies is highly crucial. Such treatment is what reputed recovery facilities like Resurgence Behavioral Health offers.

About the Resurgence Behavioral Health facility 

Resurgence Behavioral Health is a reputed drug and alcohol addiction recovery facility located in California. The center provides the comprehensive care that every chemically-dependent individual needs to become and keep sober. The facility also provides relaxation and enjoyment opportunities which add to the comfort of clients through treatment. Some of the amenities intending clients can expect at the center include exercise areas, engaging living spaces, and exciting games. Recovering individuals are also treated to on-site delicious, healthy meals and have access to televisions in rooms.

Resurgence is accredited by the Joint Commission and bears a Golden Seal of Approval. The facility is also certified by Legit Script, which monitors accurate and comprehensive care at the center. The treatment team at the facility comprises medical professionals, licensed therapists, and trained addiction specialists. All of these staff are passionate to help clients break free from addiction and live wholesomely. They also ensure to treat recovering individuals with utmost respect and dignity, bearing compassion and in total dedication all the while.

Program overview at Resurgence Behavioral Health

For treatment, plans provided at the center span from detoxification through to aftercare. Detoxification is the first and most critical aspect of any recovery case from substance misuse. It entails helping the dependent individual build abstinence whilst ridding the body of all toxic residues from alcohol or drug overconsumption. Due to the essential and delicate nature of this program, trained detox specialists help clients through this process at the center. The reason for this is to monitor the client for adverse or chronic withdrawal symptoms properly and to prescribe FDA-approved medications where necessary to facilitate the process. Once this stage is cleared, the client moves into residential or inpatient treatment. This plan allows recovering individuals to immerse themselves in recovery fully. Care is individualized to clients, so they heal at their own pace for a lasting life of sobriety afterward.

Outpatient care comes next, and it focuses on helping clients achieve stability and balance as they transition back to everyday life. Therapy programming is offered at flexible hours so recovering individuals can work, go to school, or care for their families while in treatment. Addiction aftercare is the ongoing support the facility provides for clients who have completed the other truly intense portions of their rehabilitation. This plan aims to create prolonged therapy for clients, which drastically reduces the chance of a relapse.

At Resurgence, both self-pay and insurance are accepted as methods of payment. To verify your coverage or make further inquiries, kindly call on (855) 458-0050.


  • 12-Step Philosophy
  • Medical, Alcohol and Drugs Detox
  • Sober Living
  • Virtual Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission Accreditation
  • LegitScript Certified


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