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Pacific Ridge

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Pacific Ridge in Jefferson, OR is an addiction treatment facility that provides this much-needed rehabilitation to chemically-dependent individuals. An increasing number of individuals, especially adults, struggle with chemical dependence. This addiction to alcohol and drugs, both prescription and illegal ones, leave devastating effects on society.

In many known cases, chemically-dependent individuals are also faced with emotional distress likely due to their dependence or causes, which manifest as mental health disorders. It’s essential that proper and comprehensive treatment be made available to such individuals to help them become sober and mentally sound.

Pacific Ridge
1587 Pacific Ridge Ln SE

Jefferson, Oregon 97352

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About Pacific Ridge Rehab Center

In recent decades, America has recorded an increasing magnitude of individuals diagnosed with substance misuse disorder. This condition, also called chemical dependency or addiction, spans all age groups, genders, and other classifications of people. It has become a significant cause for concern for many reasons, like loss of employability and increased school drop-out incidences. The above situations arise from the dependent individual’s inability to focus on any other objective other than getting the next fix.

The reparation and control of substance addiction are highly paramount. Proper addiction education, recovery treatment, and relapse prevention are key control measures used to address chemical dependency. Facilities like the Pacific Ridge have therefore been established to implement these control measures.

Rehab Program at Pacific Ridge Treatment Center

Located near Salem in Oregon, Pacific Ridge is a top-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. For more than twenty years, the facility has helped many individuals and by extension, their families recover from the devastating effects of chemical dependency. Service offerings revolve around professional treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and prescription medications. The facility is situated on eighteen acres of land which permits a range of recreational activities for clients. These activities include a nature trail, a disc golf course, and a volleyball course. Also, the surrounding beautiful hills and valleys make for a scenic view, all of which contribute to helping clients heal.

Pacific Ridge is monitored by LegitScript which attests to the quality of treatment services offered. Furthermore, staff at the center comprise experienced and qualified individuals wholly committed to helping clients recover. By pooling their diverse portfolio of skills, knowledge, and experience, they effectively and collectively work towards bringing clients into sobriety.

Why Pacific Ridge Treatment Rehab Facility?

For a rehab center like Pacific Ridge, many prominent reasons exist to considering it for treatment. Among these reasons are the treatment philosophy, caliber of recovery programs, and spectrum of payment platforms open to clients.

The treatment philosophy at Pacific Ridge is founded on seven core beliefs. The first two beliefs look at how chemical dependency is a treatable disease and declares that treatment works best with family involvement. Then the philosophy focuses on how thorough education and counseling with a winning team as provided at the center make for a better chance at recovery. Finally, the philosophy states that residential therapy is the start of the healing process and does not follow any predetermined schedule. The excellent staff and facilities provided at the center are certainly not overlooked and are duly recognized in the treatment philosophy.

Start Healing at Pacific Ridge Treatment Center

The recovery programs are fully residential and include clinical counseling for holistic wellness. Moreover, these programs are tailored specifically to the need of every recovering individual, thus establishing a personalized addiction therapy per client. Pacific Ridge also recommends a premier outpatient program for individuals who complete this inpatient plan so that sobriety is buffered and maintained. On payment platforms, the center offers very affordable rates for both alcohol and drug treatment. In addition, the center accepts many insurance plans as the primary focus is to see clients get better.

For further inquiries such as insurance coverage or admissions process, contact the helpdesk through any of the above lines.


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