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Eastern Oregon Recovery Center

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Eastern Oregon Recovery Center in Pendleton, OR is an addiction treatment facility that provides this much-needed rehabilitation to chemically-dependent individuals. An increasing number of individuals, especially adults, struggle with chemical dependence. This addiction to alcohol and drugs, both prescription and illegal ones, leave devastating effects on society.

In many known cases, chemically-dependent individuals are also faced with emotional distress likely due to their dependence or causes, which manifest as mental health disorders. It’s essential that proper and comprehensive treatment be made available to such individuals to help them become sober and mentally sound.

Eastern Oregon Recovery Center
4708 North-West Pioneer Place

Pendleton, Oregon 97801

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About Eastern Oregon Recovery Center, OR

Substance abuse may not always commence being the sinister disease it has proven to be. In many cases, individuals get dependent on drugs or alcohol to relieve stress, reduce pain (as in prescription drug addictions), or even recreational experiments birthed from curiosity. However, as is typical of every form of chemical dependence, these substances eventually cause the body to become reliant on them.

The individual becomes unable to function without imbibing, leading to further usage and increased reliance, and so the cycle goes on. Fortunately, this system can be permanently altered with a comprehensive addiction recovery plan. Eastern Oregon Recovery Center is an example of facilities providing necessary care to help such individuals gain independence from these substances and become sober.

Why Eastern Oregon Recovery Center, Oregon

Formerly known as Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation (EOAF), the facility offers safe and effective treatment for all forms of substance misuse. The center was established in 1960 with the still operative vision to empower chemically-dependent individuals using an extensive care continuum that is strength-based and trauma-focused. Families of these individuals are not exempted but also catered for through counseling, therapy to achieve healing, and stability.

Eastern Oregon Detox Center is licensed by the State of Oregon, and the center also conducts a residential treatment program for adults. This inpatient plan is recommended for individuals who have already undergone detoxification. Staff at the facility are qualified individuals with experiential knowledge in addiction recovery care, chiefly detox management and assessment.

Furthermore, they cater to each recovering individual with respect, dignity, compassion, and dedication for their smooth healing transition into sobriety.

Why Enter Eastern Oregon Recovery Center, OR Program

For every case of substance misuse, a comprehensive detox plan is primary to the recovery and wellbeing of affected individuals. Detox essentially means removing toxins built up within the body over time from drug and alcohol abuse. For a successful detox plan, it is advised that the individual receive medical monitoring around the clock and medication assistance where necessary.

Eastern Oregon Recovery Center was built with this purpose in mind. With its lineup of specially trained and registered nurses and detoxification technicians, recovering individuals receive optimum care during their stay. The center has a ten-bed capacity, so clients are well supervised during their detox process. Since withdrawal symptoms usually accompany detoxification, it is common for many individuals to struggle with these, leading to relapse.

The trained nurses and detox technicians evaluate each recovering individual for symptoms, especially if chronic. If the client requires special intensive care during their detox, which the center cannot provide at that time, they are referred to other facilities for treatment. The reason is that the individual’s healing comes first at the center and hence, the element of being client-focused.


  • Detoxification Program
  • Residential Treatment
  • Transitional/Multi-Family Housing
  • Community Development


Most health insurances are accepted.


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