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Crestview Recovery

| Located In Portland, Oregon

Crestview Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab located in Portland, OR that offers comprehensive addiction treatment services. The center offers a wide range of drug rehab and addiction treatment programs to reverse both the physical and psychological impacts of substance addiction. Programs offered at the center include Therapy Services, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), and Dual Diagnostic Treatment among others.

At Crestview, you will experience a positive environment that is ideal for addiction treatment and recovery. Clients feel safe and comfortable based on the ambiance and layout of the surroundings, which incorporates a home-like hospital setting. On top of that, privacy and anonymity of information are highly guaranteed.

Crestview Recovery
6025 SE Belmont St

Portland, Oregon 97215

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Why you should sign up for rehab at Crestview Recovery

There are many rehab centers out there, but Crestview Recovery stands out in several ways:

Firstly, Crestview Recovery engages several techniques, including the latest proven forms of addiction treatment to cater to their clients’ addiction. One of such is the holistic rehab.

What is holistic rehab? Holistic rehab is particularly suited to individuals who have had unsuccessful rehabs in the past. It aims at bringing recovery to the individual by emphasizing overall health. Treatment encompasses the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of life. Holistic rehab also addresses personal issues that fuel addiction in the individual by teaching them coping skills to forestall future relapses. Some of the therapies you will be exposed to include nutritional therapy, massage therapy, yoga, hiking, and other physical activities.

Apart from holistic rehab, Crestview renders dual diagnosis treatment services to assist clients with co-occurring disorders. This is in addition to other treatment forms such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Group Therapy.

Secondly, no two cases are handled the same way at the center. A treatment approach that works for one might fail for another. In other words, Crestview engages a personalized model of addiction treatment rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. A low client to staff ratio facilitates this and it guarantees maximum client interaction with the treatment professional. This arrangement helps to accelerate the recovery process for many people as their needs are directly catered for. At Crestview Recovery, the client to staff ratio is simply unmatched.

Thirdly, addiction treatment at Crestview Recovery is fun. People tend to stay sober for the long-term when they engage in recreational activities or develop new hobbies. This is the reason for incorporating fun adventure activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing into addiction treatment at Crestview. A key factor facilitating this is the center’s location in the Pacific Northwest, which houses hiking trails, lush vegetation, and peaceful mountains and plains.

Admissions Process

For most people, a serious concern is whether a facility will accept their insurance plan or not. Since the Affordable Care Act now mandates insurance companies to provide cover for addiction treatment, you can get the much-needed help for your addiction problems with an insurance plan. You only need to figure out the level of coverage to get started. Crestview Recovery is taking this stress off you with a no-cost/no-commitment verification process. All you need to do is complete a simple insurance verification form on the website and you will be able to access the relevant details.


  • Heroin Treatment Program
  • Alcohol Treatment Program
  • Prescription Pill Treatment
  • Individual & Group Counseling


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission
  • LegitScript


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