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Milwaukee is not left out of the substance abuse trend of Wisconsin and the United States at large. Like other large and densely populated cities of the nation, substance use and its accompanying consequences constitute a huge strain on the city. This crisis, and its horrible fallouts, significantly affect Milwaukee’s resources, health sector, economy, and residents.

The interplay of several factors and features makes Milwaukee an easy route for the entry, distribution, and misuse of drugs and alcohol. The city’s intricate road networks and transport systems, as well as its large size, are major factors aiding its substance use patterns. Milwaukee is the largest city in the state. Also, its metropolitan area houses at least one-third of the state’s population. It is also the county seat of Milwaukee County. The city accounts for the largest fraction of the county’s area and population.

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Overcoming Substance Abuse and Addiction in Milwaukee

Opioid use appears to be a major problem plaguing Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s opioid-involved deaths spiked in 2017 with close to 1,000 cases reported. In 2018, up to 78% of all drug-involved deaths reported in the state were opioid-related. At a rate of 15.3, deaths from opioid overdose surpassed the national rate by about 0.7. Recent data from the state’s Department of Health Services ranked Milwaukee County amongst counties with the worst opioid use patterns in the state.

Aside from opioids, however, the city also ranks high for the use of alcohol, tobacco products, methamphetamines, and other illicit drugs in the state. Wisconsin has consistently exceeded both national and regional rates for alcohol use amongst its adults, and Milwaukee County takes the lead on the state scene. In 2014, almost one-fourth of all alcohol-related hospitalizations in the state came from the county.

The burden of substance abuse and addiction could be overwhelming. The statistics, which span several age groups, are outrageous, and so are the unfortunate outcomes that accompany them. Nevertheless, reversing or averting these narratives remains feasible with professional support.

Addiction Treatment in Milwaukee, WI

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Milwaukee, our focus is on helping people kick substance addiction. We help individuals find sobriety by leading them to highly valued, result-oriented addiction treatment services. If you are a resident of Milwaukee, you can access a wide range of treatment facilities within your vicinity. For individuals who prefer to have family members around them while they undergo treatment, this offers an added advantage. Experts say being around supportive loved ones boosts the chances of long-term sobriety in recovering patients.

Recommendations within our network deploy the expertise of committed addiction professionals to help individuals get the best out of their treatment.  Regardless of your addiction history, treatment needs, or preferences, you will be able to access the right Milwaukee drug rehab program for you.

For some, finances could be standing in the way. If you fall into this category, you can benefit from the flexible payment options offered by some of our addiction treatment centers in Milwaukee, WI and out-of-state. You will also be able to finance your treatment with an insurance plan if you hold one. You only have to present it for verification to determine the extent of coverage.

Substance addiction is treatable. You can also join hundreds of individuals who have benefitted from our addiction treatment in Milwaukee. Do you have any questions? Contact our addiction experts.

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