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Meta House Women’s Rehab in Milwaukee, WI is gender-specific to offer the best chance at sustained and long-term recovery from addictions. Substance abuse can happen to anybody, whether adult men and women or adolescents. Rehabilitation centers typically provide the recovery program necessary to help these chemically-dependent individuals. However, medical research supports that women are more likely to do better in gender-specific care.

This occurrence could be attributed to the perceived benefits of a female-only group over mixed-gender groups. Furthermore, a women-only addiction program especially favors those who have been through trauma or abuse, giving them freedom for vulnerability during recovery. That is why Meta House in Milwaukee, WI was established with such aim of healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Meta House Women’s Rehab
2625 North Weil Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

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About Meta House Women’s Rehab Milwaukee WI

Meta House is a substance abuse rehabilitation facility exclusively for women located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The center was established in 1963 and had since then empowered many women to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. When it was founded, Meta House was initially called Our Home Foundation, where women with addiction problems could receive treatment for the disease rather than being incarcerated. The center’s name was officially changed in 2000 when residents popularly called it Meta’s House after its then owner.

More On Meta House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Over the years, Meta House Milwaukee WI has received many state and nationwide acknowledgments for helping women recover safely from chemical dependence. An example is the recognition of former Executive Director Dr. Francine Feinberg by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2008. The professional team of staff at the center comprises compassionate individuals dedicated to helping women heal and strengthen families unsettled by addiction. Staff members include therapists, administrators, other clinicians, program managers, nurses, and case managers.

Why Choose Meta House Women’s Rehab in Wisconsin

Meta House women’s rehab in Milwaukee, WI offers treatment care in three settings: residential, outpatient, and recovery community programs. At admission, recovery specialists help clients get into the program best suited to them after specific evaluations. Typically, individualized plans yield better sobriety results than general ones. One prominent feature of the Meta House Wisconsin programs is that pregnant women, nursing mothers, or women with minors can receive care at the facility. Parenting and Child & Family advocates at the center focus on these women to help them and their wards regain a sober and stable family unit.

Information on Meta House in Milwaukee, WI

The residential program involves intensive, round-the-clock care. Clients undergo therapy and process group meetings such as Stress and Anger Management and Recovery Talk. Expectant mothers and those with children learn parenting skills to promote post-treatment healing and relapse avoidance. The average length of stay in residential care is about 90 days, although individuals may choose to stay longer. Outpatient care at Meta House women’s treatment center in Milwaukee, WI aims to meet individuals at the place they are in recovery and help them move forward through supportive therapies. The outpatient plan runs from Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 4.30 pm. Women transitioning from a residential program or recovering from a recent relapse may find outpatient care very helpful.


  • Chemical Dependency Education
  • Group Counseling and Therapy
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Mental Health Services
  • Case Management


Most health insurances are accepted.


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