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The dynamics and complexities of the substance misuse predicament in a developed nation like the United States make it an epidemic too difficult to manage. Although there are several strategies and laws aimed at controlling the sale and abuse of drugs and alcohol in the nation, they have been unable to completely tame the problem. Little wonder, substance abuse has managed to thrive all these years.

Wisconsin, the famously named ‘America’s Dairyland’, is not excluded from the substance abuse crisis sweeping across the United States. Excessive alcohol consumption, as well as binge drinking, appears to be the state’s biggest challenge, and its consequences are both far-reaching and costly. Numerous alcohol-related chronic diseases, productivity losses, DUI-linked accidents, and injuries, as well as deaths, are all fallouts of alcohol abuse.

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In 2015, alcohol use was a factor responsible for 2,000 deaths and almost 3,000 motor vehicle crash injuries in the state. The previous year, Wisconsin had surpassed national rates for three alcohol use indices amongst adults. These indices constituted current, binge, and heavy alcohol use. Data from the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer supports this alarming trend of alcohol use. Between 2015 and 2017, about 292,000 young adults reported binge alcohol use in Wisconsin, an average rating of 46.7%. This value surpassed both the regional and national rates of 42.4% and 38.1%, respectively.

Tragically, alcohol misuse is not the only problem Wisconsin is faced with. The state still struggles to curtail the abuse of other substances, including marijuana, tobacco, opioids, and other prescription drugs. Opioid use, although coming below the national rate of 51.4 prescriptions per 100 persons in 2018, accounted for a majority of drug overdose deaths in the state. At a rate of 15.3, opioid overdose accounted for 846 deaths, which was equivalent to about 3 in every 4 drug overdose deaths.

Overcome Substance Abuse and Addiction in Wisconsin

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Wisconsin can take the stress and frustration of overcoming substance abuse and addiction off you. Our team of experienced Addiction Professionals is committed to assisting you to regain control over your life. We are particular about helping you or your loved one find custom-made Wisconsin drug rehab programs that are all-encompassing in dealing with addiction in Wisconsin.

The numerous accredited Wisconsin drug rehab centers in our circle will acknowledge your unique addiction experience and design a recovery regimen that fits best. The holistic strategies they adopt to help you overcome addiction follow contemporary procedures. An additional benefit to these provisions is the affordability of the programs offered at these centers. It matters to us that you can access quality, inexpensive therapies without seeking loans, or using up your savings. Moreover, since staying in touch with family members or friends matters to most individuals enrolled in recovery programs, our in-state recommendations would keep you close to home.

You can reclaim your life without hassles through our addiction treatment recommendations in Wisconsin. Do you have any questions? Get in touch and we will be glad to help all through the journey.

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