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The substance use struggle of the United States is one of the nation’s many challenges. However, its adeptness at circumventing novel interventions and seemingly effective strategies stands it out. So does its prevalence and multiple appalling effects traversing racial, cultural, age, as well as, educational barriers. These features largely account for the overwhelming, indecipherable nature of substance abuse.

Although opioid-involved deaths are on a gradual decline across West Virginia, the widespread use of the drug has persisted. Recent statistics from the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer placed it on a par with the region and nation for the misuse of prescription pain relievers. Data collated between 2015 and 2017 from individuals aged 12 years and above in the state reported this misuse in up to 61,000 West Virginians. Between 2002 and 2017, heroin use was also shown to have increased from a rate of 0.10% to over 0.60%.

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It is not clear what circumstances may be responsible for West Virginia’s opioid misuse problem. However, the fact that the state shares its boundary with other substance use-prone states, like Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, may be a contributing factor.

More About Addiction Treatment in West Virginia

Most people are perhaps quick to associate the financial implications of drug and alcohol use and misuse with the cost of recovery programs. However, when experts say substance abuse or addiction is costly, they rarely ever refer solely to rehabilitation programs. Their focus is often more inclusive and spans the huge sums of money expended either directly or indirectly to combat the substance use epidemic of the nation.

It is estimated that the United States losses a whopping $740 billion every year to substance abuse and addiction. From treatment costs to research, lost job productivity, and crime-fighting, these costs include multiple aspects of the nation’s yet unresolved substance use crisis.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in West Virginia

The popular portrayal of WV drug treatment programs as expensive and inaccessible is misleading. This perception deters most addicted individuals from seeking help to overcome their dilemma. Instead, it encourages them to embrace and find comfort in the uncertain future promised in isolation. Nonetheless, the quality service provided by the Recovery Advocates at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in West Virginia and out-of-state is enough evidence that affordable recovery programs are not altogether elusive.

Regardless of what your needs, reservations, or preferences are, you will find the top-notch recommendations at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in West Virginia helpful. We lead our clients to recovery therapies that fit their budget and unique needs, thus relieving them the stress of searching for cost-friendly, result-oriented treatment programs. However, that is not all about the advantages you enjoy with our support.

The Addiction Specialists we work with are renowned for their excellent communication skills, which merge enthusiasm, affection, and confidentiality. If you wish to find a West Virginia drug rehab center that offers all these benefits and much more, then reach out to us now. We will be delighted to get you out of this vulnerable period of your life.

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