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Treatment for substance use disorders is not always provided in traditional medical facilities, just take a look at Recovery Point in Huntington, WV. Sometimes, organizations and communities of volunteers who form a compassionate standpoint may provide facilities to help individuals heal from alcohol and drug addiction.

The advantage with this is that they are primarily cost-effective and are, therefore, able to provide intensive and long-term recovery plans to ensure individuals attain sobriety. An example of such an addiction treatment program is Recovery Point West Virginia.

Recovery Point West Virginia
1040 Adams Avenue

Huntington, West Virginia 25704

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About Recovery Point West Virginia

It is a non-profit organization, which provides long-term residential treatment programs to both individuals struggling with chemical dependence. Worthy of note is that treatment is offered at no cost to these recovering individuals. The community also offers a free peer recovery credential training to recovering individuals who wish to become peer mentors.

Recovery Point West Virginia has several long-term facilities with varying bed capacities for both men and women, with a 9-bed transitional recovery residence for women located in Huntington. The center located in Bluefield is mainly a department of corrections facility for court-ordered individuals to get help for recovery.

Why You Should Consider Recovery Point West Virginia

A good reason to consider Recovery Point West Virginia is that the organization provides treatment programs that bring no cost to the recovering individuals. Residents can contribute to their stay through means like housekeeping, peer mentoring, and even security. By so doing, the organization keep costs at a minimum and still provide optimum care and support. Treatment programs begin with detox to rid the body of accumulated toxins. Trained experts closely monitor the vital statistics of clients for withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Medications are usually not part of the detox process unless deemed medically necessary before admission.

The model of the treatment program at Recovery Point West Virginia in Huntington, WV is based on the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This model essentially considers alcohol and drug addiction as a chronic disease and advocates the peer mentor system of recovery where a recovering individual helps another to reach sobriety. Residents are also required to attend outside AA/NA meetings for a holistic recovery. The peer mentor system catalyzes the path to recovery as it allows people in recovery to take up responsibilities in exercising self-discipline and learning accountability whilst interacting with the peer group.

Two phases make up the treatment program. There is the Off the Streets (OTS) phase in two stages where individuals attend classes and participate in meetings as part of their recovery program. The next phase is the Recovery Phase, also in two stages, where residency is optional for clients while they go through peer mentoring and the curriculum of recovery dynamics. Upon graduation, the recovered individuals may choose to join the peer mentor office or move into the transitional living home.


  • Non-Medical Detox
  • Continuum of Care
  • Long-Term Men’s Treatment
  • Long-Term Women’s Treatment
  • Women’s Recovery Residences


Most health insurances are accepted.


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