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South Dakota is currently battling a substance abuse crisis and the City of Canton is not left out. The state, which is located in the Midwestern United States, supports a culturally diverse population and is a major substance distribution hub in the region. Alcohol remains the substance most commonly abused in the state. In 2015, there were over 12,000 overall addiction treatment admissions, two-thirds of which were cases of alcohol addiction. Data from America’s Health Rankings shows South Dakota was third-worst for excessive drinking in 2019.

The City of Canton is the county seat for Lincoln County. It takes after the state for alcohol consumption. In 2019, both the county and the state shared the same rate for excessive drinking. Although Lincoln’s alcohol-impaired driving deaths and adult smoking rates have been consistently lower than state averages, they are high enough to call for concern.

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Methamphetamine use is also a problem in the state. In 2018, almost 26,000 grams of methamphetamines were recovered by law enforcement agencies, with at least 9 grams coming from Lincoln County. Even though most of the state’s methamphetamines come from external sources, secret in-state labs produce a significant quantity as well.

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The consequences of substance abuse include loss of jobs, social unrest, DUI accidents, and injuries. Substance abuse has also been linked to co-occurring disorders, and long-term terminal diseases, such as cancer and heart diseases. The longer and more frequently one consumes or overdoses on drugs, the quicker substance abuse and addiction set in. Even with these consequences, most individuals who struggle with substance abuse or addiction do not enter a Canton South Dakota addiction treatment program. This is sometimes due to a lack of faith in the ability of a recovery plan to yield favorable results.

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It is almost impossible to reverse your substance abuse episodes or recover from addiction without professional help. If you are in search of the best recovery programs within or around Canton, then you can count on us for guidance. At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Canton, SD or out-of-state, we assist chemically dependent people in accessing patient-tailored programs that are both affordable and result-oriented. We connect our clients with the best drug rehab programs near Canton, where they can get professional help.

Through our network of drug rehabs in Canton, SD and out-of-state, we grant you access to a wide range of addiction modalities that yield predictable results. Regardless of your needs or expectations, we would find a program that suits you. Moreover, since our recommendations include nearby addiction treatment centers, you also benefit from accessing treatment right within your reach. This spares you the extra stress and expense associated with seeking help outside of Canton. What more? A within-the-city treatment program keeps your loved ones close to you. You would be able to receive support from them and hasten your recovery process.

Do not hesitate to place a call through to our recovery advocates. We would be pleased to help you start your journey to sobriety on the right footing.

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