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Keystone Treatment Center

| Located In Canton, South Dakota

Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, SD is a state-approved facility that offers rehab programs for men, women, and families throughout the South Dakota region. Regardless of the circumstances, adolescents and adults alike can benefit from their recovery programs.

These include detoxification, residential addiction treatment, outpatient care, and much more. To relieve the burden of financing rehab, Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, South Dakota accepts a broad range of insurance plans. They also help clients who are struggling to set up beneficial financial arrangements.

Keystone Treatment Center
1010 East 2nd Street

Canton, South Dakota 57013

Category: Rehab Center, Medical Detox, Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment

About Keystone Treatment Center

Founded when America became aware of the deadly opioid and crack epidemic in 1973, Keystone Treatment Center integrates spiritual and cultural values into a high-quality continuum of care. By providing each client with an individualized treatment plan, recovery specialists have enabled clients’ ability to recover and sustain sobriety.

The fundamental goal of treatment at Keystone is to restore individuals to healthier, happier, and more productive lives, free from chemical dependence. Keystone succeeds because recovery encompasses improvements in self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, positive family interaction, and vocational productivity. Likewise, during the program, specialists help clients establish and maintain realistic life goals as they adjust to a healthy lifestyle. This is done in a safe environment where individuals learn practical applications of recovery skills alongside therapeutic techniques.

Why Choose Keystone Treatment Center

It is hard to watch your loved one struggle with chemical dependence. Likewise, struggling with chemical dependence hurts your loved ones just as badly. Nevertheless, there is hope and you can recover to live a healthy drug-free life. However, no matter how much destruction addiction has wrecked an individual or family, the decision to get treatment is rarely easy. It is often accompanied by worry and doubt. Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, SD is not only committed to giving the best treatment but also, their recovery specialists will help you ease those worries.

The center has exhibited excellence in treatment for almost 5 decades. Since 1973, Keystone Treatment Center South Dakota has used its rich history to provide comprehensive and individualized care for clients. Today, their recovery specialists use the best treatment approaches to help adolescents and adults who struggle with chemical dependence and co-occurring disorders. A high level of success has given Keystone national recognition as a prime treatment center. In the same light, the respected treatment center offers inpatient and outpatient services in an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and responsibility.

Family and friends may not always be there every time to encourage you during treatment. Thus, having a supportive community when you or your loved one enters treatment is an important part of the journey. Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, South Dakota recognizes this. At the facility, you will join a vibrant and supportive community that exists for the sole purpose of preparing you for the successful pursuit of lifelong sobriety. You will remain a valued member of the Keystone family from the day you enter treatment and even after you have completed the residential phase of your recovery.


  • Family Therapy Program
  • Continuing Care Program
  • Young Adult Treatment
  • Adolescent Treatment


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Joint Commission (JCAHO)


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