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Being the largest city in the State of Oregon, Portland is home to 82% of residents in Multnomah County. A vibrant economy and beautiful historic landmarks characterize the city, making it an inviting destination to live in. However, these wonderful sites do not exempt the city from the substance addiction crisis ravaging many cities in the United States. Several studies indicate the city’s location within the Interstate 5 axis contributes to the influx of illicit drugs from Canada and Mexico.

There is a huge number of Portland residents abusing methamphetamines and heroin today as it is being massively traded in black markets around the city. According to the Police Bureau, 133,106.40grams of meth accounted for the city’s narcotics and organized crime in 2019. This represents a 30% increase from 2017 figures. In a similar development, the city’s opioid problem transcends heroin as prescription drugs also pose a big challenge. Overall, Portland’s Estimated Total Drug Value for 2019 is approximately $26 million.

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There is a misconception about Portland’s addiction crisis being common to the homeless and destitute, but this has not been proven. The challenge encompasses multiple demographics across the entire city. In other words, anyone can become victims of the scourge irrespective of social status and cultural affiliation.

Every social issue impacts the populace in numerous ways. For substance addiction, the impacts on the city range from overdose deaths to DUI traffic incidents. For instance, 202 died from using meth in 2015. Many job losses and family issues have also resulted from substance addiction.

Substance addiction is a great challenge. However, recovery is possible with the right form of help. Addiction help involving professionals has many advantages. Firstly, the individual’s chances of relapsing are drastically reduced following a coordinated withdrawal symptoms management during the Portland drug detox process. Secondly, you or your loved one will develop coping strategies for long-term recovery. Finally, you will have access to a supportive community that will facilitate a smooth transition to a positive post-addiction life.

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While several people struggling with chemical dependence desire help, one of the major showstoppers is the proximity of the facility. Most people get discouraged and desist from pursuing treatment any further after discovering they have to relocate out of state, away from their family and friends. At Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, we are bridging this gap for Portland, OR residents. You or your loved one can access addiction treatment within the city stress-free! From a rich resource of treatment service providers in our network, our team will assign you to the best fit for your long-term recovery purposes. Irrespective of how long you or your loved one has been struggling with addiction, we will be able to find you the much-needed help with the city.

If you have any preferences for addiction treatment that you will like to talk about, call our support desk today and we will be happy to help you in finding drug rehab in Portland, Oregon or out-of-state.

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