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Famous for the richness and variety of its geographical terrain, the State of Oregon thrives on a diverse economy spanning agriculture, industry, and technology. Despite its relatively large size, Oregon is not among the most populous states in the US. The state supports a little above 4 million people, a fraction of whom live in Pendelton, the seat of Umatilla County.

Drugs and alcohol misuse contributes to Oregon’s substance use problem. The state’s recent Behavioral Health Barometer sheds insight into how enormous its substance abuse crisis is. Young people, including adolescents, appear to be the ones fueling this crisis.

Between 2017 and 2019, about 34,000 adolescents used illicit drugs in the state. Similar figures were reported for marijuana and alcohol use over the said period. In young adults, the use of alcohol and marijuana was also a cause for concern. The annual average percentages for binge alcohol and marijuana use in young adults surpassed the regional values significantly.

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Why People Misuse Substances

People choose to misuse drugs and alcohol for different reasons. For most individuals, the contributing factors will be numerous and interwoven. Young people are sometimes lured into the snare of substance use or misuse by peer pressure or sheer curiosity. Additional stimuli include low self-esteem, depression, trauma, or fear. Other environmental influences, such as being raised by an addicted adult, are also known to promote substance use.

Although not often talked about, genetics has also been shown to affect one’s inclination to drug use or addiction. However, in most cases, the genetic predisposition lies dormant and may only be triggered via drug or alcohol use.

Finding Result-Oriented Recovery Programs in Pendelton, OR

Understanding the origin(s) and course of addiction is critical to breaking free from it. The highly complicated nature of addiction makes it too difficult, if not impossible, for addicted people to unravel and treat their struggle with substance use independently. Although choosing self-help over professional support in dealing with an addiction might be considered a brave attempt, it is often fraught with challenges.

True bravery rather lies in recognizing your need for support and turning to suitable sources for it. Addiction Specialists are trained and certified to help people who grapple with substance abuse and addiction. They have the right blend of skills, experience, and character that you or your loved ones seek to beat addiction. Seeking help from them is, thus, equivalent to writing off your addiction and embracing a better life.

Well, how or where do you find these expert hands for your addiction?

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs is your one-stop solution for breaking addiction. Our Recovery Advocates know where to find evidence-based recovery programs in Pendleton, OR, and are eager to help you enroll in them. Regardless of your concerns – program affordability and proximity, predictability of treatment outcomes – we are up to the task. We prioritize client satisfaction and love to watch you beat addiction this last time.

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