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Jefferson is in one of Oregon’s most populous counties, Marion. The small city has been nicknamed the ‘Frog Jumping Capital of Oregon’ and lies close to Salem, which doubles as the county seat and state capital. The burden of substance use and abuse in Jefferson largely derives from its close association with the larger and more developed Salem.

In addition to being the second-largest city in Oregon, Salem is also home to a few university campuses. The city’s numerous recreational centers are also well complemented by its extensive road networks, including the North-South Interstate 5. Coupled with its position as the principal city in the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), these features set the city up for severe substance abuse.

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Substance abuse in Oregon is as multifaceted as the national crisis, which intercepts drug and alcohol use. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), prescription opioids and heroin are currently the leading cause of drug overdose deaths in the state. Although prescription drug overdose fatalities are on a decline, heroin and synthetic opioids have risen considerably to average rates of 3.7 and 2.4, respectively.

Aside from drugs, Oregon is also plagued by a chronic alcoholism problem, especially among young adults. Between 2017 and 2019, an annual estimate of 161,000 individuals indulged in binge alcohol use in the state. At a rate of 38.9%, the state surpassed the regional prevalence of 33.4% for binge alcohol use.

Seeking Help for Addiction in Jefferson, OR

Myths and opinions on the origins, causes, and cures of addiction are quite common. However, they offer no help in unraveling the fundamental features of addiction or mitigating its harmful fallouts. Interestingly, you do not have to trust uninformed members of the public for information about addiction, especially when you can readily access better alternatives. Addicted people spare themselves lots of stress and confusion when they consult Recovery Specialists for help in navigating their substance use dilemma.

But, how or where can you find the right Recovery Specialist for your addiction?

Overcoming Substance Use and Dependence in Jefferson, OR

Typically, addicted people who seek help in rehabilitation will begin by scanning several options for best-fit centers. This act uses up time and resources, leaving the individuals involved frustrated after long, fruitless searches. The challenge of locating and enrolling in high-quality recovery centers that overlap one’s preference may be a common one. However, breaking out of addiction does not have to be so complicated.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs, we simplify the entire process and help you access sobriety at your comfort. First, we work with you to understand your unique needs for addiction treatment.

Then, we lead you to suitable rehabilitation facilities that meet these needs both within and outside Jefferson, OR.

The recommendations in our network adopt a perfect combination of expert Addiction Therapists and results-oriented recovery modalities for addiction treatment. If you have any concerns or will love to make further inquiries, you are free to share them with us on your first appointment.

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