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Substance abuse remains a concern in North Dakota. Although the state is one of the least populated in the nation, it still manages to surpass the averages of several other states for most substance use indices. North Dakota embraces a culturally diverse populace that incorporates Africans, Hawaiians, Asians, and other races. This diversity, coupled with its extensive interstate highways (I-94, I-29, and I-31), could be fueling its grievous substance abuse patterns.

The 2015 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) showed that up to 2,510 individuals were admitted for addiction treatment in the state in 2010. This number rose to over 3,000 in 2014 but then dropped to about 2,900 in 2015. Alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, tobacco, heroin, and opioids are the major substances abused in North Dakota. Opioid-involved deaths in 2018 were half of the total drug-related deaths, and at a rate of 5.2 deaths per 100,000 persons. This value was four times smaller than the national average rate of 20.7. Even though opioids may be responsible for most drug deaths, alcohol appears to be the most commonly abused substance in the state.

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Addiction Treatment for North Dakota Residents

North Dakota can be regarded as one of the major hubs for excessive alcohol consumption in the United States. This is well backed up with available data. In 2019, the state ranked among the top states with the lowest drug death rates. However, it was not so lucky with other substance-linked behaviors like excessive drinking and smoking. It was rated the fourth-worst state for alcohol consumption and had an average of 19.0% for smoking.

The 2017 Behavioral Health Barometer for North Dakota revealed that the state surpassed national averages by over 10% for both binge alcohol and tobacco use in young adults. An average of at least 1 in every 2 young adults abused each of the two substances between 2014 and 2017. A similar trend was observed among youths, aged between 12 and 17. Their averages for past-month alcohol use and past-month cigarette use surpassed the national averages by over 2%.

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If you are in search of the best recovery programs within North Dakota, then you can trust us to be your guide. At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in North Dakota, we help our clients find result-oriented addiction treatment programs that lead right into sobriety. The North Dakota drug rehab facilities in our network possess years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. They integrate a variety of holistic therapies, including Dual Diagnosis, Family Therapy, and Recreation in designing a plan that helps you reclaim your life.

Our network of confidential, client-centered treatment service providers is the best in the state. We assure you or your loved ones of research-based addiction programs from in-state accredited rehabilitation centers. We understand that insufficient funding could pose a challenge to accessing the much-needed help. Our North Dakota drug treatment program partners accept several insurance plans that could help to cover a significant portion of your treatment bills, thereby providing you with some relief. A quick assessment of your plan will help to determine the extent of your coverage. Would you like to take the next steps to an addiction-free life? Contact our recovery advocates today to get started.

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