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If you’re searching for Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota, then you’ve come to the right place. Substance abuse has been on the rise in recent years across America. In North Dakota, the increase has been staggering, with more individuals becoming dependent on the use of illicit drugs like methamphetamine or heroin.

Many well-meaning individuals have since pushed for the establishment of drug recovery centers, including faith-based ones. This need arises because affiliation with a congregation may be the only support network to regaining sobriety for some chemically-dependent individuals. Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota is one such facility that addresses this pressing issue.

Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota
1406 2nd Street NW

Mandan, North Dakota 58554

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About Adult and Teen Challenge in Mandan, North Dakota

Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota is a faith-based long-term recovery facility for individuals with substance abuse disorders. The origin of the center stems from a program developed in 1958 by Pastor Dave Wilkerson. He believed in utilizing the hope for a new life through God, counseling, and education to combat addictions in New York City. Over time, the program has grown to include 2000 centers around the world. The facility at North Dakota was established in 2003 first in Williston before moving to the permanent location in Mandan.

Adult & Teen Challenge in Mandan, ND has since then, provided various services geared towards helping chemically-dependent individuals regain sobriety. Families broken by addictions have been restored and the community improved by the turning out of responsible citizens. The center also aims to develop sustainability in recovering individuals through several avenues. These include a work-therapy program while in the system and re-entry services for graduates. Another method is by creating substance addiction awareness across the state through school programs for teenagers.

Why Consider Adult & Teen Challenge in Mandan, ND

Participants in Adult and Teen Challenge North Dakota are referred to as students as they are taught a new way to live. Doing this reflects the center’s strong will in engaging counsel and education to help individuals break free from addiction.

Other students and staff who have been or are still in recovery mentor students. This system benefits both parties as current students learn from those who have gone through similar experiences as themselves. Thus, by applying the principles they used or engaging first-hand techniques proven to work, current students can better reach for sobriety. On the other hand, accountability is built in the other party since they have to mentor new students in the recovery journey. Since the program is long term, students also have enough time to heal, letting go of old, destructive habits and forming new, productive ones.

Students develop their newfound relationship with Jesus Christ through classes, chapel services, and daily devotions. Every student participates in the work program, which teaches responsibility, positive work ethics, and pride in achievements. Students can also participate in community volunteer programs that help build rapport between the center and the community. Emphasis is placed on a relationship with Jesus Christ to heal the broken hearts, which is typically the cause for substance abuse. Thus, the whole individual is restored in the process. About 70% of the graduates of Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota across America have reported facing no relapse since recovery. 90% of these graduates also report the effectiveness of this approach to regaining sobriety and maintaining stable employment.


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Rated 5 out of 5
January 13, 2021

Helped my teenage son overcome his addiction to pain pills. He started stealing them from me then moved to buying from “friends” at school. This facility quickly took steps to get him professional treatment and counseling.

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