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Substance use in the State of New Mexico cuts across both drugs and alcohol. It affects a reasonably large fraction of its residents. Quite similar to the national trend, alcohol, opioids, tobacco, and marijuana are the principal substances misused in the state. Recent data collated in New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Barometer reveal the enormity of its substance use problem. Marijuana use among youths and adults in the state rose significantly from 2002 to 2017. Between 2014 and 2017, the average annual prevalence of marijuana use in the age group was 16.6%.

New Mexico’s substance use challenge is perhaps fueled by an interplay between numerous factors, the most outstanding of which appears to be its location. New Mexico lies along the infamous US-Mexico substance-porous border. It shares its boundary with other US states known to contribute to the nation’s substance misuse problem.

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The Truth About Substance Abuse and Addiction

Generally, many individuals, particularly those with little or no experience with drug or alcohol abuse, hold erroneous beliefs about addicted people and their struggle. These individuals cannot see beyond the apparent attraction between people who misuse substances and the products they consume. Consequently, they attribute substance use and addiction to weakness, indiscipline, and a lack of moral standards. For them, chemically dependent people are to blame either for their inability to quit substance use independently or in the presence of professional help.

Contrary to this widespread assumption, chemical dependence is much more complicated than most people see it. It often results from specific alterations in the brain that make people who have consumed substances or addictive medications over time seemingly powerless to quit their use. Thus, professionals in the addiction treatment industry consider the condition a chronic disease of the brain that may be managed or treated much like any other disease.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in El Prado, NM

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in El Prado, New Mexico, believes that addicted individuals can find and enter pragmatic recovery programs regardless of their limitations or unique challenges. This belief is central to the nature and quality of support we render to chemically dependent people within El Prado, and across New Mexico. Our team of passionate Recovery Advocates can help you or your loved ones access customer-centered therapies that are research-based and result-oriented.

Because we understand how relieving inexpensive El Prado, NM addiction treatment programs can be for most people, we tailor our options to fit our clients’ budgets. However, we do this without reneging on our promise of high quality and excellence. It will interest you to know that our recommendations also accept some of the health insurance covers you may qualify for in addition to these benefits.

We know how hard it could be to terminate your episodes of substance abuse or bouts of relapse without adequate support from professionals. You do not want to go through all those hassles again. Trust us to help you get it right this last time. Our Recovery Advocates are waiting to hear from you.

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