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Individuals who seek recovery from chemical dependence should get help from a committed and accredited treatment center such as Vista Taos Renewal Center in El Prado, NM. The values attached to this include getting professional help from skilled clinicians in a warm, empathetic environment.

These qualities can well facilitate healing, thereby helping the individual become sober again. Therefore, treatment facilities like Vista Taos in El Prado, New Mexico, utilize these principles in their unique addiction treatment services.

Vista Taos Renewal Center
259 Blueberry Hill Road

El Prado, New Mexico 87529

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About Vista Taos in El Prado, New Mexico

Vista Taos Renewal Center in El Prado, NM is a nationally accredited substance abuse treatment facility located in New Mexico. The center provides medical, psychological, and spiritual help for individuals with alcohol or drug addiction. Since 1994, the center has helped transform lives, bringing about holistic recovery through evidence-based treatment methods. A serene environment, dedicated staff, and modern amenities are features recovering individuals can expect at the facility. All staff members are fully licensed in their respective fields and are ever willing to offer help as needed. Having the Taos Mountain as a backdrop creates a tranquil and secure atmosphere where individuals can attain healing. Amenities provided include exercise facilities, semi-private rooms with private baths and patios, and weekly spiritual excursions in and around Vista Taos in El Prado, NM.

Why Consider Vista Taos Renewal Center?

Vista Taos Renewal Center in El Prado, New Mexico, provides a thorough care curriculum running from detoxification through primary care to extended care. Treatment plans are also tailored to the needs of clients to help each recovering individual better. Beginning after the initial admissions process is the detoxification program. Detox flushes out the addictive substance from the body. By so doing, body systems are recalibrated. It begins to function independently of the influence of alcohol or drugs. This outcome marks the beginning of sobriety in the recovering individual. At Vista Taos Renewal Center, addiction experts conduct a medical detox program as part of the residential treatment plan. This approach engages the use of FDA-approved medications to ease withdrawal symptoms amidst constant supervision by licensed medical professionals. Recovering individuals may remain in this program for 6-10 days depending on their particular health needs.

Primary care includes other services provided by the center in an inpatient treatment program. Some of these are individual and group therapies, 12-step meetings, relapse prevention education, and family therapy. Recovery from substance abuse is a continual process where the individual must consciously participate in maintaining sobriety. Thus, therapy first helps clients identify addiction triggers and then provides safe, sober alternatives in coping skills to overcome these triggers. 12-step meetings allow recovering individuals to remain accountable to their recovery journey through interaction and bonding with other recovering individuals.

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In many recovery cases, relapse not only causes a setback in recovery but also may even halt it altogether. Hence, Vista Taos offers relapse prevention education that teaches clients techniques that minimizes relapse incidence. Family therapy includes both the recovering individuals and their loved ones so both parties can heal from the damaging effects of addiction. The family also learns to be a support recovery network for the chemically-dependent individual. Extended care programs at the center are designed to foster the transition from primary care to family and workplace/school. It can span anywhere from 1-12 months depending on the individual. Other treatment plans are also provided at Vista Taos Renewal Center in El Prado, NM such as grief and loss therapy and trauma-informed care.


  • Medical Detoxification
  • Primary Addiction Treatment
  • Extended Continuum of Care
  • Family and Community Program
  • Alumni Program


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • LegitScript


Vince M.
Rated 5 out of 5
January 13, 2021

A gorgeous location and the staff is top-notch. They are all in recovery and will answer all questions, support you throughout the whole treatment process.

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