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The severity of New Jersey’s substance use problem derives from the state’s high population and density. Despite its small size, New Jersey is home to over 9 million residents, a significant fraction of whom are young people. In addition to being one of the nation’s most populous states, New Jersey is also surrounded by other US states – New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware – trapped in a similar challenge.

Recent statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) report opioids as a critical influencer of New Jersey’s drug use problem. Around nine in every ten drug overdose deaths recorded in 2018 involved an opioid. Additionally, the overall rate of opioid overdose fatalities in the state more than doubled the national value of 14.6 that same year. Notably, following recent trends, deaths from drug overdose and opioid abuse are likely to surge in the coming years.

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Addiction is an Epidemic in New Jersey

Besides opioids, other substances are misused by New Jersey residents, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine. According to data reported in the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer, the prevalence of tobacco and marijuana use among young adults ranks on a par with both national and regional estimates. However, the same may not be said of alcohol use. Between 2017 and 2019, more than 350,000 New Jersey residents indulged in binge alcohol use. At 41.2%, the state’s annual average prevalence of binge alcohol use in this age group exceeded the national rate significantly.

Denville is a fast-growing city in Morris County, one of New Jersey’s most populous counties. The city is part of the New York Metropolitan Area, a prominent economic hub in the nation. As a result, addiction treatment in Denville, NJ must be available for those affected. Luckily, Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center serves that area with high-quality programs and therapies. It is also renowned for its extensive road networks. Among the major routes that run through the city are Interstate 80, Route 10, and Route 53, which possibly contribute to promoting drug trade in the region.

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Addicted people are not utterly helpless in their quest to find long-lasting abstinence from drug or alcohol use. On the contrary, with appropriate and timely access to support, they can make incredible rescripts of their struggle without any hassles. Unfortunately, many addicted people are often clueless about where or how to find the much-needed assistance they need to quit substance use.

Multiple Addiction Therapists and rehabilitation centers do not always translate to satisfactory sobriety results. Chemically dependent people will respond better to recovery therapies tailored to their needs or specifications. However, it is often discomforting when you or your loved ones have to go through the stress of searching for best-fit programs independently. Well, that is one of the many ways Alcohol and Drug Rehabs around Denville and Morris County, NJ offer unparalleled relief to addicted people.

The Recovery Advocates at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Denville, NJ are well acquainted with the addiction treatment industry of Denville and New Jersey; consequently, you can trust us to lead you aright. You will benefit immensely from our low-cost, nearby recommendations across the city, as well as the result-oriented therapies they provide. If you want to get started right away, then do not put off booking your first appointment now. We know how to help you ace your sobriety goals.

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