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Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center

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Are you searching for Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Denville, NJ, or Absolut Awakenings in Morris County, NJ? The rate at which many Americans seem to resort to misusing drugs or imbibing alcohol has reached almost historic high levels in recent years. About two in five adults and one per five adolescents are estimated to have misused drugs or alcohol as of 2018. Despite the many inherent dangers that lie with addiction to these substances, it appears as though more individuals use them than ever before.

As a result, comprehensive rehabilitation becomes an effective tool to combat this national issue. Rehab such as Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center enables chemically-dependent individuals to recover their lives, contribute positively to society, and make firm, sober decisions going forwards. One such facility that provides this much-needed rehabilitation is the Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Denville, Morris County, NJ.

Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center
3000 Route 10 W

Denville, New Jersey 07834

Category: Rehab Center, Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization

About Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center

Located in Denville, NJ, also called Morris Plains NJ depending on the facilities offered by the program, they are all inside the Morris County, NJ area. Absolute Awakenings is an addiction treatment center providing individualized care to people. With chemical dependence, different individuals exhibit varying addiction styles hinging on the substance taken, amounts, period of usage, and the person’s physical condition. As expected, the solution that works for one person may not be as effective for another, which calls for specific and personalized rehab plans. Absolute Awakenings New Jersey, with its ultra-modern facilities set in a serene location, offers this care to recovering individuals. Furthermore, Absolute Awakenings NJ Rehab is accredited by the Joint Commission. Absolute Awakenings is also LegitScript certified for its dedicated and professional care services.

The team of specialists at the center comprises several licensed and passionate experts in addiction treatment care. These include medical directors, therapists, case managers, and a clinical hypnotherapist. Many treatment team members are in recovery themselves, which allows them to offer help from personal insight. They also combine their knowledge and experience with empathy to provide top-notch, quality service. The treatment models employed at Absolute Awakenings are evidence-based, indicating their tried and tested relevance in holistic healing for chemical dependence.

Program Outline at Absolute Awakenings NJ

Rehabilitation care at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center Denville NJ comes at different levels based on the specific requirements of the client. Recovery programs provided are partial care, intensive outpatient, and general outpatient treatment. The facility also offers dual diagnosis treatment, case management, and aftercare planning for prolonged recovery.

Partial care at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Morris County, NJ is a high-level treatment program that does not require clients’ residential stay. Instead, individuals can opt for this care plan after medical detoxification at a licensed detox facility. It involves several hours of programming for three to five days per week, depending on the individualized plan. Benefits of partial care include access to medical care, intensive therapy, and ongoing mental health care. The latter is especially advantageous to clients with co-occurring addiction. Thus, they receive extensive help to recover from chemical dependency and mentally related issues like depression, PTSD, or anxiety through dual diagnosis treatment at Absolute Awakenings Rehab in New Jersey.

Intensive and general outpatient care are more flexible forms of non-residential treatment programs. They involve fewer hours of programming and are recommended for clients who have completed detox and partial care and have developed sufficient coping skills.


  • Partial Care Program
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Co-occurring Disorders Treatment
  • Trauma-Informed Care Program
  • Recovery Capital Program


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission Accreditation
  • LegitScript Certified


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