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Nevada is a hotspot for entertainment and tourism in the United States. Its economy is not reliant on the industries that have established themselves there. Nevada does well for itself on the global scale as the fourth-largest producer of gold worldwide. Apart from the city of Las Vegas, many Americans also know Nevada as host to military bases including the controversial Area 51.

While the Silver State is home to less than 1% of America’s population, drug addiction in Nevada dwarfs the rest of the country. From 2005 to 2010, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that about 17% of the population used illicit drugs. This towers the national average of 14.3% in the same period. Likewise, 26.4% of Nevada residents abuse alcohol compared to a national average of 23.2%. Addiction treatment in Nevada is available for those that need professional help.

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In May 2020, health experts ranked Nevada 9th in drug use and addiction in the United States. Similarly, the state ranked first in the Fewest Treatment Facilities available per 100,000 chemically dependent people. Despite efforts from government agencies, substance use disorder remains a painful thorn in Nevada. Methamphetamines, cocaine, fentanyl, and prescription opioids were the prevalent drugs as reported by the University of Las Vegas. In the same vein, Nevada saw a 70.7% rise in fatal opioid overdose and a 33.3% rise in fatal cocaine overdose, according to the Nevada Medical Center in 2017.

A Lasting Solution to Nevada Addiction Treatment

Nevada has a long history of substance abuse that has dented its silver image. Nevertheless, residents have not relented in seeking help from addiction specialists. Chemical dependence is treatable like every other chronic illness. However, you do not want to attempt it without professional help. This is because after a long period of drug use, individuals who try to quit cold turkey at home relapse very often. This can be bad for morale and discourage an individual from seeking further help.

Addiction specialists are trained to recognize individual needs and adapt management for optimum care. Also, a residential facility separates you from a stressful environment full of potential triggers. Instead, you will develop coping strategies and be part of an encouraging community. All of these are factors that determine long-term recovery.

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As you transition from recovery to real life, our recommended Nevada drug treatment specialists are available every time you feel overwhelmed. They will also be there to celebrate every win and develop better strategies for a drug-free life.

Drug Treatment Nevada is responding to the need for highly specialized addiction treatment facilities. At Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Nevada, we help Nevada residents get the best help. Addiction is not a disease of character but society’s bias towards people struggling with chemical dependence often makes it look that way. This is why our network of top-rated treatment centers are champions of privacy and dignity in recovery. Irrespective of your background with chemical dependence, help is within reach. If you have specific preferences or questions, our recovery advocates will be happy to help. Don’t be afraid to give our Nevada drug and alcohol treatment specialists a call around the clock.

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