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Crossroads of Southern Nevada

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There are many steps involved in becoming sober after a period of chemical dependency. They typically include detox, therapy, counseling, meetings with peer support groups, and outpatient programs. That’s the process offered at Crossroads of Southern Nevada and it has been very successful in treating substance use disorders.

These constitute the treatment plans offered at rehabilitation centers for the recovery of individuals. Crossroads of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV, provides addiction recovery plans in a structured, disciplined, and dedicated manner for the whole healing of clients.

Crossroads of Southern Nevada
2121 W. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

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About Crossroads of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV

Established in 2017, Crossroads of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV, is a detox and rehabilitation facility located in the urban city of Las Vegas. The center caters to clients with chemical dependency and cases of co-occurring addictions. At the center, the holistic recovery of clients is ensured by individualized case plans built explicitly for each recovering individual. A team of highly qualified yet compassionate recovery specialists attends to clients at Crossroads of Southern Nevada. Nearly all the staff members are in recovery themselves thereby allowing them to offer help with personal insight and empathy. With a staff to client service ratio of ten to one, recovering individuals also can receive complete care at Crossroads. The relaxation and comfort of recovering individuals are deemed crucial at the center. Thus, nicety such as fresh, healthy meals, adequate rest periods, and good exercise are delivered for clients’ holistic recovery.

Significant Benefits of Choosing Crossroads of Southern Nevada

Crossroads of Southern Nevada provides extensive medical detoxification and rehabilitation services to adult men and women with substance abuse disorders. Before the implementation of treatment programs, the intending client undergoes review at admission. This process takes approximately two hours with an hour each for medical assessment and comprehensive psychiatric assessment. Once the individual is found fit for any of the recovery plans, treatment commences upon admission. Recovery programs at Crossroads of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV, include detoxification, therapeutic services, and outpatient treatment programs like partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

Medical detox is the first step towards sobriety in cases of alcohol and drug addiction. It involves ridding the body of lingering residues from the substance misused under 24/7 medical supervision. This clinical monitoring is highly essential for two significant reasons. First, to observe withdrawal symptoms and manage them, and to have clinicians on standby if severe symptoms or effects develop. Withdrawal symptoms are managed and relieved through the administration of specific medications prescribed for this purpose. The length of detox is determined by the period of addiction, the intensity of dependence, and the individuals themselves. However, many clients at the center leave detox within five days and then transition to another treatment level as recommended. Licensed specialists at the center provide therapy and counseling. The focus of therapy is to identify and alter old habits and develop behavioral skills that cope with cravings. Counseling helps clients explore, discover, and rediscover good traits and assets about themselves to establish self-confidence and to prevent relapse.

Furthermore, dual diagnosis treatment caters to co-occurring addictions. It involves simultaneous treatment for both cases of substance abuse and the underlying mental health issue. These issues could be trauma, anxiety, or depression. The outpatient services constitute extended care, which continues after the client is no longer in residential treatment. Both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient involve weekly programming with group therapy and individual psychotherapy sessions.


  • Medical Detoxification
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Transitional Housing
  • Heroin Addiction Treatment
  • Alcoholism Treatment Program


Most health insurances are accepted.


Michael Rudgers
Rated 5 out of 5
January 20, 2021

You guys helped my brother that shot dope for 20 years. He is now six months into his recovery (after being at crossroads for a month). Thank you from the Rudgers family to the whole team at Crossroads of Nevada!!

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