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Substance abuse is one of the social problems the United States faces. Its prevalence across most age groups and widespread impacts on society make it a huge challenge. Every year the nation loses billions of dollars to this scourge. These losses include costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care. In 2010, tobacco and alcohol use alone cost over $500 billion, which was over 70% of the total cost incurred on substance use and misuse.

Alcohol abuse in Minnesota remains the state’s worst nightmare. The number of admissions for alcohol abuse consistently surpassed 20,000 throughout the last decade. Between 2015 and 2017, an annual average of over 270,000 young adults reported past-month binge alcohol use in the state. About 73,000 Minnesotan young adults also struggled with past-year alcohol use disorder yearly from 2014 to 2017.

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Addiction in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Although these trends are witnessing a considerable decline, reports of impaired driving accidents in the state have risen in recent times. DUI accidents rose by 3% between 2016 and 2017, with over 23,000 cases reported in 2017. These accidents resulted in 72 and 2,000 alcohol-linked driving deaths and injuries respectively.

Located in Itasca County, Grand Rapids is Itasca’s largest and most populous city. This relatively small city, which houses about 25% of Itasca’s population, contributes significantly to the substance abuse pattern of both the county and state. Similar to Minnesota, excessive alcohol consumption is a major problem in Itasca, but unlike the state, impaired driving accidents are on a decline. In 2017, the county‚Äôs report of 285 cases of DUI accidents was less than 50% of the 584 cases recorded in 2006.

Data from the 2019 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps ranked Itasca County 74th for health behaviors in the state. Although the state and county shared close values for adult smoking and excessive drinking, they differed widely in alcohol-impaired driving deaths. The county exceeded the state’s average of 29% by about 12% for cases of alcohol-impaired driving deaths.

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The high rates of substance abuse and addiction in Grand Rapids call for immediate attention. With the several rehabilitation facilities within the city, substance-dependent individuals can readily access professional help.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Grand Rapids, MN our team provides support to individuals struggling with chemical dependence to find customized addiction help. We handle each case individually and confidentially, knowing that people differ in their needs and experiences. Through our reliable network of accredited Grand Rapids MN drug treatment centers, you will be able to live addiction-free once again.

If you reside within Grand Rapids or the surrounding areas, being able to access our centers without traveling long distances is an advantage. This possibility will help you stay at ease to receive help while you get support from friends and family. If you are concerned about the financial implications of your drug treatment in Grand Rapids, our recommendations provide affordable services and accept most health plans. For insurance holders, they will have to verify their plans to ascertain the extent of coverage.

The journey to an addiction-free life begins with a step. Take that step now by contacting us for more details.

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