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Northland Recovery Center

| Located In Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Northland Recovery Center in Grand Rapids, MN helps men and women struggling with chemical dependence to find healing and lasting recovery from addiction. Their continuum of recovery services includes detox, medication management, treatment for co-occurring disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

The center also assists clients to find funding support for their treatment. Professionals who will make your stay comfortable run the center. Clients also have access to several amenities including a gym, free laundry, meeting rooms, and more.

Northland Recovery Center
1215 Southeast 7th Ave

Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

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About Northland Recovery Center in Grand Rapids, MN

Northland Recovery Center in Grand Rapids is an addiction treatment center in Minnesota. The center aims to bundle a full continuum of chemical dependency services in one program. This takes off the pressure of finding further treatment for clients. Their services are gender-inclusive, unbiased, and open to both adults and adolescents. The most common treatment programs include detoxification, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, 12 step model as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Likewise, the center has on-staff licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and certified nurses who help clients struggling with co-occurring mental health issues. Also, Northland Recovery Center Grand Rapids makes provisions for helping the loved ones of their clients through family education.

Why Choose Northland Recovery Center Minnesota

Beating chemical dependence alone is not an easy task. Most people who have attempted this know from experience that withdrawal symptoms get so intense that they are often forced to relapse. Getting sober solo without professional help is a commendable feat but it also has a high probability of repeated relapses in the future. This hurts the individual’s confidence and may leave them resigning the desire to achieve a healthy sober life. This does not have to be.

Professionals who have years of experience helping people achieve sobriety make up the team at Northland Recovery Center in Minnesota. At the center, you will have access to all the tools, resources, and support you need to overcome your dependency on drugs and fix broken relationships. Northland believes a past of chemical dependence should not hinder your future. Thus, you will receive help from a network of individuals interested in your growth when you start to pursue your educational or professional aspirations.

Admission at Northland starts with a comprehensive substance use evaluation. This is an up-to-date assessment of a client’s chemical use that helps specialists design a personalized recovery plan. It also helps during cognitive behavioral therapy as the client resolves family problems, marital concerns, work and financial considerations, repressed anger, self-esteem difficulties, depression, or anxiety.

After the assessment, treatment proceeds with detoxification and inpatient treatment. Upon recovery, the individual may transition to outpatient treatment where group meetings and follow-up sessions with their therapist augmented the progress made.

Overall, Northland Recovery Center Grand Rapids MN is invested in your recovery journey. Their staff helps clients solve any financial difficulty they may encounter on the road to recovery. They accept several insurance plans as staff help with navigating the approval process for insurance or seek public funding. If you have special needs or specific questions, Northland Recovery Center advocates will be happy to assist you.


  • Inpatient Treatment Program
  • Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Gender-Specific Rehabilitation
  • Family Education Group


Most health insurances are accepted.



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