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Substance abuse is a major problem in the United States. Millions of individuals misuse drugs or alcohol in the nation. Year after year, the multiple rehabilitation facilities across the states of the US churn out thousands of individuals from their recovery programs. They also receive new admissions every year. Although current reports show an improvement on the figures of preceding years, they do not entirely bear good news.

According to recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 139.8 million individuals aged 12 and above drank alcohol in 2018. That same year, up to 58.8 million and 31.9 million individuals respectively also reported tobacco and illicit drug use. In Louisiana, the narrative is not any different from the nation’s substance use dilemma. Between 2014 and 2017, the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer reported an annual average prevalence of tobacco use among 235,000 young adults. Within the same period, up to 142,000 young adults used marijuana, with around 1 in every 7 of them reporting marijuana use disorder. A similar trend was reported with alcohol use from 2015 to 2017.

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Lafayette, the fourth largest and one of the most populous cities in Louisiana is caught up in the same trend. The city is located in Lafayette Parish and accounts for over 50% of the Parish’s total population. The Parish ranks high for most substances abused in the state and the City of Lafayette contributes significantly to these figures.

Overcome Substance Abuse and Addiction in Lafayette, LA

In the absence of professional Lafayette LA addiction treatment programs, overcoming substance abuse or addiction becomes a complicated, highly demanding experience. The struggle that comes with being chemically dependent is already enough burden for individuals who have difficulty quitting drug and alcohol use. As a result, deciding to handle your addiction and substance misuse episodes outside structured support systems often compounds this struggle. Although such a decision may sound heroic, the results are far from being predictable.

With Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Lafayette, Louisiana, you can now find patient-tailored addiction treatment programs within or around Lafayette. We understand the common challenges faced by most sobriety-seeking individuals and have made provisions for quite a number of them. Our Recovery Advocates take into consideration your unique addiction story and personal preferences. You can also obtain best-fit rehabilitation centers that are nearest to you if you have difficulty with traveling or relocating.

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Our network of Lafayette LA addiction treatment centers offers a variety of holistic therapies. These programs, which are specially designed to help you deal with addiction, come from expert addiction therapists who are among the best in the city. The affordability of the services rendered at these Lafayette drug rehab facilities would amaze you, but so would the kind of care and attention you would receive. In addition to the flexible payment options you will enjoy, you could also turn in your health insurance to cover a substantial part of the treatment cost.

With our support, you have a good opportunity to overcome your addiction and reclaim your life. Reach out to us now if you have any questions about addiction treatment in Lafayette, Louisiana or the surrounding areas.

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