Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, Louisiana

Victory Addiction Recovery Center

| Located In Lafayette, Louisiana

Recovery specialists at Victory Recovery Center in Lafayette, LA know that staying committed to a treatment center can be intimidating. Given this, their admission staff is committed to answering questions you might have about treatment and services at the center. Victory Recovery Center provides free assessments to determine a suitable approach to personalized treatment. They will also work with you to achieve full recovery within a comfortable timeline. If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment in Louisiana, specialists at Victory Recovery Center can help.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center
111 Liberty Avenue

Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

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About Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, LA

Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Louisiana is not just another treatment center in Lafayette. As a premier alcohol and drug treatment center, they offer affordable, quality treatment in the heart of Acadiana. The center has a highly experienced team of professionals who will be committed to your recovery goals. These specialists have a deep understanding of the chronic nature of addiction and the negative effects it has on both the client and the family. Thus, treatment does not just focus on the client alone. It is also inclusive of family members, who also find healing during treatment.

Why Choose Victory Addiction Recovery Center?

Victory Addiction Recovery Center provides quality, affordable treatment for adults struggling with chemical dependence. Their recovery specialists believe that addiction is a treatable disease and not a moral failure of the client. Thus, they use a multi-disciplinary model to address and heal the body, mind and spirit of their clients. Their continuum of care includes detox, inpatient residential treatment services, family care groups, and continuing care programming. These treatment programs are designed to help everyone regardless of their treatment history. It does not matter if you are getting treatment for the first time or continuing after a relapse, help is available.

Recovery specialists at Victory Recovery Center Lafayette LA are committed to providing clients and their families with the tools they need to achieve lasting recovery. To accomplish this, their recovery plan builds clients’ self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, positive family interactions, and vocational productivity.

Likewise, the center’s commitment to comprehensive treatment ensures that underlying or co-occurring conditions are identified and treated. In this case, recovery specialists treat the client holistically through evidence-based counseling techniques. Other alternative techniques such as acupuncture, exercise therapy, and nutritional therapy are also available.

Not only is the Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, Louisiana dedicated to clients and their families, but they are also inclusive of the larger community. Their recovery specialists organize support group meetings and community awareness programs about the dangers of substance addiction.


  • Professional Program
  • Aftercare and IOP
  • Family Care
  • Continuing Care


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • LegitScript


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