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Drugs are highly addictive, and this is because of the unique chemical ingredients they contain. The chemical compounds in drugs are also toxic, accounting for the several harmful side effects that trail their use. When you use drugs excessively or for long periods, they accumulate in your body and affect your ability to quit their use or respond to therapy.

Residents of the United States misuse several drugs. Prescription medicines such as opioids and benzodiazepines, and illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine top the list of commonly used drugs in the nation. Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are also widely abused by young people and adults in the country. Addiction treatment in Prairie City, IA and out-of-state offers a way out of addiction and into lasting sobriety.

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The Tragic Aftermath of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

In 2018, opioid-involved overdose deaths dropped to 146 after climaxing with over 200 fatalities the previous year. With this recent reduction in the incidence of opioid overdose deaths across the State of Iowa, it is perhaps safe to assume that the state has clamped down on the abuse of opioids. However, as reported in its Behavioral Health Barometer, Iowa has not had much success with the misuse of other substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.

Between 2014 and 2017, Iowa surpassed national estimates for the prevalence of tobacco use and binge alcohol consumption in young adults. Within the same period, the state also ranked on a par with the nation for the use of marijuana by young people. An annual average of 59,000 individuals in this age group was diagnosed with a substance use disorder in the three-year duration.

Substance abuse often presents itself as a shorter, quicker, more beneficial route to personal safety and security. However, that is not usually the case. The feelings of high, pleasure, and excitement that accompany the abuse of drugs or alcohol are often short-lived and incapable of dealing with your real challenges. Little wonder why there is always a lure towards binging on larger amounts of substances once you begin to use them.

Substance use disorders and mental illnesses are some of the direct health-linked fallout of substance abuse. Drug overdose deaths, loss of jobs, family crisis, and crime are other consequences that may affect both addicted and abstinent people.

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There are numerous advantages to embracing Recovery Programs, especially when recommended by the Addiction Professionals at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Prairie City, IA. From regaining confidence, independence, and sanity to circumventing substance misuse’s severe consequences, you can never get it wrong with us.

Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT), the current gold standard for Detox Sessions is a significant component of the Recovery Schedules provided by the recommendations we offer. Therefore, you do not have to worry about managing the extra burden of withdrawal symptoms in the course of your recovery. In addition to MAT, the recovery programs delivered by these centers incorporate numerous holistic, result-oriented therapies.

Do not overwork yourself this time. Allow the Recovery Advocates at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Prairie City, IA to lead you to lasting recovery from substance abuse and alcoholism.

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