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Addiction affects people of all ages, that’s why Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA is available to serve the communities throughout the area, especially women that struggle with addiction. In women, addiction can be very debilitating to the family and societal units. Generally, women are considered homemakers.

However, chemical dependence robs this quality and causes a home to fall apart in most cases. Many well-meaning individuals have sought to eradicate this problem and have established rehab centers specifically for female individuals. One prime example is Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA which offers evidence-driven substance use disorder treatment, therapy, and counseling for women.

Clearview Recovery
501 N. Sherman Street

Prairie City, Iowa 50228

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About Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA

Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, Iowa is a substance abuse treatment facility established for women. It caters to the recovery needs of adult females, including pregnant ones and those with children. The purpose is to reach as many women as possible who need addiction rehabilitation. The facility is located in the small, rural community of Prairie city that allows for a home-like feel to treatment. Furthermore, Clearview Recovery Iowa is licensed by the State of Iowa to provide a full curriculum of addiction treatment care to women.

The service team at Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA comprises several skilled and experienced specialists. Some of these are women who have gone through recovery treatment themselves. For instance, one of the counselors at the center, Dani Ohm, had previously been dependent on methamphetamine for over a decade. This dependence denied her many things, such as the custody of her child. But after a period of treatment at the center, she regained her sobriety, graduated, and reclaimed her daughter’s parental rights. She could also go to college afterward to earn a degree and even become an addiction counselor. Dani’s experience gives credence to how rehab programs help and encourage other women to recover.

Why Consider Clearview Recovery in Iowa

The Women and Children’s Program at Clearview Recovery was formulated for many reasons. One of the first reasons for creating the program was to allow women to take their children into treatment. Previously, addiction centers available in the Central Iowa area did not allow this. Thus, many women in recovery had to be separated from their children during rehab. A second predominant reason for the creation of Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA was to provide gender-specific addiction treatment. Relatively many women who go into recovery are poorly educated and unskilled. Some are also divorced or single mothers. For these sets of women, changing their lifestyle or even going into treatment may be very challenging. Therefore, there are recovery plans at the center specifically targeted to position these women on the path to healing rightly.

The program’s chief objective at Clearview Recovery Iowa is to aid women on a firm path to becoming sober. Several services such as parenting classes, teaching training skills, and improving self-esteem are offered at the center. In addition, programming at Clearview Recovery provides flexibility with varying levels of care. Clients are immersed in the 12-step facilitation during programming and may even have loved ones participate in counseling sessions. These services and more make Clearview Recovery in Prairie City, IA a drug and alcohol center to consider for comprehensive female addiction rehabilitation. For further inquiries or to sign-up for treatment, contact the helpdesk today.


  • Women’s Treatment Program
  • Women With Children Program
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Co-occurring Disorders


Most health insurances and Medicaid are accepted.


  • Licensed in the State of Iowa


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