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The State of Delaware has witnessed considerable progress in its substance abuse crisis over the last few years. Although this improvement is quite commendable, it is still shrouded in uncertainty, especially because its impacts span only a handful of substances. Some of these substances, like tobacco and alcohol, are presently being consumed at low rates that equate either regional or national estimates. However, there are others with extremely high rates of use.

The excessive use of marijuana and heroin is perhaps the most striking aspect of Delaware’s substance use trend. Between 2014 and 2017, the average annual past-month consumption of marijuana involved up to 110,000 youths and adults, with over 10% of them battling a marijuana use disorder. On the other hand, heroin use saw an over 400% rise between 2002 and 2017 among the same age group. Even currently, the rate of heroin use in the state almost doubles and quadruples the regional and national rates, respectively.

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About Delaware Addiction Treatment Programs

Understanding the nature of addiction is a prerequisite for responding appropriately to the weight that it comes with. Addiction Therapists agree that the irresistible lure characteristic of addiction is an offshoot of alterations in the brain. The magnitude of these changes is often directly linked to the degree, as well as, duration of substance use.

Although some addictions have a genetic basis, excessive and extended use of drugs or alcohol remains the most popular trigger for addiction. The genetic makeup of individuals may increase their risk of becoming addicted when they use substances. However, acting alone, it is insufficient to initiate substance abuse or addiction. Notwithstanding the interconnected roles these factors play in the incidence of addiction, recovery programs are known to relieve addicted individuals of their plight.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Delaware

A large percentage of men and women in Delaware struggle with drug and alcohol use and the statistics are unlikely to plummet any time soon. The enormity of this problem constitutes a major burden on both the residents and resources of the state. Nevertheless, the prevalence of accredited Delaware drug treatment centers in the state adequately compensate for the challenges posed by this predicament.

At the multiple drug and alcohol recovery facilities within Delaware, substance-dependent individuals can have their hope reignited. The research-based programs offered at these facilities come from passionate addiction treatment experts. These professionals do not only possess years of experience in the state’s substance use patterns, they are also credited with several long-lasting sobriety testimonies.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Delaware and out-of-state, getting you or your loved one out of that unattractive maze of addiction is our top priority. It matters greatly to us that you can enroll in an addiction treatment service that shows you how to attain and sustain abstinence. Whether or not you are located within Delaware, our Recovery Advocates will guide you to where your substance use conflicts will be brought to a halt. Using the contact numbers provided, you will be able to reach out to a member of our dedicated team to begin planning your recovery journey.

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