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The desire to overcome chemical dependence is typically swamped with challenges. For many individuals, situations such as finding a treatment program that fits become obstacles to seeking help. Another common difficulty lies with the type of care provided. All the above and more, are challenges AMS of Delaware can help with.

AMS of Delaware in Rehoboth Beach, DE is a drug rehab center, which provides a full course of treatment services to help every recovering individual attain the life of sobriety they seek. The center is equipped with both staff and amenities that ensure a holistic recovery for every client.

AMS of Delaware
20576 Coastal Hwy, Suite 101

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971

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Why You Should Choose AMS of Delaware

A primary focus at AMS of Delaware in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is the treatment program offered for opiate addiction. Whether it be an illicit or a prescription opioid addiction, the center provides medical therapies to help the client reach a holistic recovery. Treatment for opioid addiction has to be wholesome and specific if the individual is to recover safely. The first step at AMS of Delaware is to undergo a clinical assessment where the vital signs of the individuals are taken and evaluated.

The purpose of this clinical assessment is to confirm the status of opioid addiction and if the client is fit for the treatment regimen. From there, the team of recovery specialists will build a treatment program specific to the client. The treatment programs are carried out as inclusive in an intensive outpatient program or a less intensive outpatient program. Either way, the clients are able to carry on with their normal daily responsibilities whilst undergoing treatment.

More About AWS of Delaware in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Medical detoxification at AWS Of Delaware in Rehoboth Beach, which serves to rid the body of accumulated toxins from the substance, is the first part of the treatment program. Since detox involves abstinence from using the addictive substance, it is met with a spectrum of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. FDA-approved drugs such as Methadone and Vivitrol are used to help relieve these symptoms and make the process easier. Behavioral therapies coupled with extensive counseling are also offered to aid the client in identifying addiction triggers and modifying behavior patterns. The focus is to help the clients recover not only in the body but in the mind also.

Another treatment option available at AMS of Delaware in Rehoboth Beach, DE is the dual diagnosis treatment. This treatment option targets those clients who together with their substance abuse disorder have an existing mental health condition such as depression. The purpose of this treatment is to ensure a complete recovery, as both conditions are usually interdependent.

Counseling is available for family members and loved ones. This helps to enlighten them on the substance use disorder and to discourage enabling habits. This will help the recovering individual maintain a smooth transition to recovery during the course of the treatment program. Upon completion of treatment, the center provides an aftercare program, which involves helping the client, develop cognitive-behavioral principles to combat future cravings. The aim is to prevent relapses and encourage sobriety.


  • Opiate Treatment Services
  • Medically Managed Detoxification
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Intervention Services
  • Recovery Monitoring


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationĀ  (SAMHSA)
  • CARF International
  • DHSS
  • IC & RC


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