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The United States is battling a substance abuse crisis that cuts across age, educational and economic barriers. The fact that commonly abused substances find a wide range of applications in industrial and medical settings may be a factor fueling their continuous use.

Arkansas ranks among the top states for excessive opioid consumption in the United States. Although the rates are witnessing a steady decline, estimates are still outrageously large. On the other hand, opioid-involved deaths in the state have been rising. The 379 and 169 deaths reported respectively for drug overdose and opioid overdose in 2016 rose to 444 and 208 in 2018.

Apart from opioids, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other prescription drugs are also commonly abused in the state.  According to Arkansas’ recent Behavioral Health Barometer, the state recorded reasonably high figures for tobacco and alcohol use. Between 2014 and 2017, Arkansas reported an annual average of 302,000 individuals for past-year marijuana use and more than three times this figure for tobacco use.

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Russellville is the county seat and largest city in Pope County. It is also home to the sole nuclear plant in Arkansas. Although the city benefits from its county’s alcohol prohibition laws, it is not exempted from the abuse of other substances. As the most populous city in Pope County, Russellville’s relatively high population contributes significantly to the overall substance use trend of the state.

What a Russellville AR Addiction Treatment Program Looks Like

There are many rehabilitation centers within the City of Russellville that offer customized addiction therapy for addicted individuals. Chemically dependent individuals can find succor in the addiction treatment programs provided at these centers. Irrespective of their age, duration of substance use, or dependence, and history of relapse, overcoming addiction is never an impossible feat.

Most addiction treatment programs in Russellville, AR or out-of-state adopt a hybrid of holistic therapies and sessions to help you find your way out of the maze of addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Dual Diagnosis are common modalities offered along with Group, Specialized, and Family Sessions. Some regimens also incorporate supplemental therapies like Yoga, Music, and, Exercise.

Overcoming Substance Abuse and Addiction in Russellville, AR

If you are in search of effective support and care to overcome your episodes of substance abuse or addiction, then we can be of great help.

Alcohol and Drugs Rehabs in Russellville, AR exhibit an unwavering commitment to excellence in helping individuals find best-fit recovery programs. We understand the vulnerability that comes with being substance-dependent. Our team of Recovery Advocates adopts a client-focused approach in service delivery, and as such would pay attention to, and make provisions for your preferences and personal needs. Our recommended Russellville AR drug rehab programs are both flexible and affordable. Consequently, you would not have to go broke or take up loans to fund your preferred recovery plan. Also, forfeiting your work life, or abandoning your career pursuit during the recovery process can be evaded altogether.

With our network of drug rehab centers in Russellville, Arkansas, you are assured of attaining sobriety in no time. Get in touch with us today, and let us guide you to kick-start your recovery journey.

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