Restored Life Services of Arkansas in Russellville, AR

Restored Life Services of Arkansas

| Located In Russellville, Arkansas

Restored Life Services of Arkansas in Russellville, AR offers evidence-based and solution-focused addiction treatment for men, women, and families. From counseling sessions to case management and helping with driver’s license reinstatement, Restored Life Services is fully committed to clients’ recovery progress. Their qualified counselors listen to your story and prepare an individualized treatment program based on your specific needs.

Restored Life Services of Arkansas
3127 West 2nd Ct. Suite A

Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Category: Rehab Center, Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment

About Restored Life Services in Russellville, AR

Restored Life Services operates as a drug rehab and outpatient center for alcohol dependence. The center is well known among residents of Russellville. Individuals from outside Russellville also seek help at the center due to its high standards of quality treatment. The tenets of treatment at Restored Life Services revolve around:

  • Counseling
  • Social Activities
  • Qualified Counselors
  • Reinstatement Classes

Restored Life Services of Arkansas offers case management and consultation services where specialists help in connecting the dots as treatment progresses. This is achieved on a case-by-case and needs basis.

Your success and lasting recovery are important to the team at Restored Life. After treatment, they will follow up on regular occasions to celebrate your milestones in recovery. You will be expected to transition well, but they will be happy to assist you to get back on track if you ever experienced a relapse.

Restored Life Services in Russellville, AR also helps with DWI license reinstatement for clients who need to get their license back after treatment. The treatment program at Restored Life Services qualifies for the reinstatement of Arkansas Driver’s License revocations. The treatment course will depend on the requirements of your reinstatement as well as your counselor’s evaluation.

Why Choose Restored Life Services of Arkansas

Taking steps to put chemical dependence behind is a life-changing decision. When done alone, there is a high probability of failure and this often hurts your confidence to achieve your recovery goals. On the other hand, by committing to a rehab center, you will receive the best support to get you started on the road to lasting recovery.

One of the reasons to choose Restored Life Services of Arkansas in Russellville, AR is the structure of their counseling services. During individual counseling sessions, you or your loved one will work with the recovery specialist to identify the root cause of drug abuse, such as beliefs and behaviors that enable the habit. Group sessions are one-on-one interactions geared toward sharing community experience and encouragement from the stories of other clients. Knowing that there are people like you who are beating or have beaten chemical dependence is a major boost for recovery.

At Restored Life Services Russellville, specialists also provide counseling sessions to young people who are at risk of abusing drugs or need help with chemical dependence. Likewise, family counseling helps families find closure, mend broken relationships, and serve as a support system for their loved ones who are in recovery. Counseling sessions last for about ten weeks and will help you or your loved one become a healthy sober individual.


  • 10 Week Outpatient Counseling
  • Adolescence Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • D.W.I. / D.O.T. Reinstatement Classes


Most health insurances are accepted.


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