Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center

| Located In Grand Rapids, Michigan

Recovery specialists at Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center in Grand Rapids, MI understand that several biological, environmental, and genetic factors contribute to the development and progression of chemical dependence. With the help of evidence-based interventions, they help their clients manage substance use disorders (SUDs) and have productive lives in recovery.

Sandford House in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers a solution-focused approach to treating substance use disorders for men, women, and families. Contact the confidential helpline for more information on the treatment programs available.

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center
74 Lafayette Ave Northeast

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

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About Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center

Located in Grand Rapids, clients fondly refer to Sanford House Treatment Center as a place where town and country meet. The facility is uniquely situated in an area that provides an urban experience, yet close to parks and walking trails. These natural, outdoor backdrops give practical application to Sanford House’s evidence-based treatment programs. At the facility, you are not isolated from others. Instead, in the safety of the treatment facility, you are exposed to what your life will be after recovery. Sanford House meets the standards of Michigan and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in providing quality care.

Why Choose Sanford House in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sanford House Treatment Center in Grand Rapids, MI has a unique approach to treatment. Recovery specialists at Sanford provide high-quality clinical therapies in a homelike and aesthetically pleasing environment where you will feel comfortable and safe. Their wellness team makes sure that you are not bored during your stay. They organize engaging activities such as physical excursions, hiking, art therapy, and weight training. These activities let clients express creativity and renew their passions as they recover.

Following a foundational belief in individualized treatment, Sanford House Grand Rapids Michigan treats clients with respect and dignity. You are not just another clinical case. Their recovery specialists believe there are many paths to recovery and they adapt their program to fit each client. Treatment also involves identifying and resolving issues like past trauma, unhealthy relationships, and mental health problems. The result of this approach to treatment is not only an addiction-free life, but also the ability to live again with hope, enthusiasm, and full contact.

Besides, you or your loved ones are in the best hands. Recovery specialists at Sanford House Michigan are experts in their fields who hold multiple licenses and accreditations. Thus, you can rest assured they can address your medical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs during recovery.

The center also offers gender-specific treatment because paths to addiction could be gender-specific. Feedbacks from recovered clients prove the effectiveness of this mode of treatment. Many express that gender-specific treatment allows them to discuss sensitive and personal issues they may not feel comfortable sharing with the opposite gender. Sanford’s LGBTQ+ Integrated Addiction Treatment also provides a safe space to discuss and affirm sexuality, gender identity, and other parallels concerning chemical dependence.

Most importantly, at Sanford House Addiction Treatment Center, treatment involves the entire family. Their recovery specialists believe that family involvement is one of the most important components of successful treatment approaches. Thus, clients are encouraged to invite family members to their therapy sessions where they learn about the challenge and how to help sustain sobriety. In ensuring that cost is not a barrier to treatment, the center accepts most private insurance plans.


  • Virtual Programs
  • Family Program
  • Continuum of Care
  • Outpatient Program


Most health insurances are accepted.


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