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Searching for Northpoint Washington in Edmonds, WA or a facility around the area? When analyzing the disease of addiction or attempting to offer help to a chemically dependent individual, there is the tendency to overlook one crucial aspect. This factor is the fact that the disease is not only physical but also profoundly psychological. It may be relatively easy to pinpoint the outward signs and effects of drug and alcohol abuse on an individual’s health. At Northpoint Washington in Edmonds, WA, their multi-faceted treatment solutions offer a recovery approach that is lasting and powerful.

However, the psychological impact sometimes goes genuinely unexplored. As it is coming to be known with further medical studies, mental ill-health like anxiety or depression is one foundational reason people turn to these substances. Hence, any recovery plan that seeks to cause these individuals to become sober and live wholesomely must focus on both the physical and psychological facets of substance misuse. At Northpoint Washington, this perspective is the foundation of their treatment philosophy.

Northpoint Washington
7416 212th St SW

Edmonds, Washington 98026

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About Northpoint Washington Rehab Center

Northpoint Washington in Edmonds, WA is a highly specialized residential addiction treatment center. The facility operates a 28-day detox and inpatient care for adults struggling with chemical dependence. This specific length of time put into recovery care is designed to help clients avoid relapse and maintain long-term sobriety. A group of recovering individuals who desired to create a mindful and supportive environment for others to heal too safely established Northpoint Washington. Since its inception in 2009, the facility has grown to include many other centers in the Pacific Northwest.

The Joint Commission, having a Gold Seal of Approval, accredits Northpoint Washington. LegitScript also certifies the center for its services rendered in addiction and mental ill-health treatment. Staff at the facility are trained and experienced in proffering addiction care. With respect for clients and dedication to their mission, they commit to the healing of every recovering individual at Northpoint Washington in Edmonds, WA and the surrounding areas.

Rehab Program at Northpoint Washington Treatment Center

Northpoint Washington rehab WA operates an extensive spectrum of addiction recovery services and programs. These include medical detoxification, inpatient treatment, dual diagnosis care, and intensive outpatient treatment.

Medical detox is the primary care provided upon admission. It focuses on helping individuals develop abstinence and manage withdrawal symptoms as they begin their journey to be free from alcohol and drugs. Clinicians closely supervise clients at this stage to provide immediate medical aid where needed and may administer FDA-approved medications to handle withdrawal. The Northpoint Washington addiction treatment residential plan is the step above detox. Here, clients undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy to help them change addictive behavior and destructive patterns that lead to imbibing. Family therapy is also a part of the inpatient treatment for close ones of recovering individuals to heal from the second-hand strain of addiction.

Dual diagnosis care enlightens on the science of addiction and teaches recovering individuals to communicate effectively and adopt self-care. These lessons will help them develop healthier relationships in the future for a healthy mind as their bodies heal through detox. Relapse prevention is an important lesson taught during clients’ stay at the facility to help them avoid and recover from possible relapses along the way.


  • Mental Health Care
  • Imagine Adolescent Program
  • Residential Program
  • Aftercare / Alumni
  • The Ranch Program


Most health insurance is accepted.


  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • LegitScript Certified
  • BBB Accredited


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