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Narcotic Drug Treatment Center

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Narcotics come under the class of drugs that are used for bringing relief from pain. They work faster than other pain pills do, and this is attributed to the fact that narcotics are synthesized opioids. Therefore, as with all opioids, they can become habit-forming if the dosage is not strictly followed.

Narcotic addiction has especially become prominent in the United States in recent years. Facilities such as Narcotic Drug Treatment Center in Anchorage, AK have been created to address the growing substance abuse issues.

Narcotic Drug Treatment Center
1015 E 6th Ave

Anchorage, Alaska 99501

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About Narcotic Drug Treatment Center in Anchorage, Alaska

Situated in Alaska, Narcotic Drug Treatment Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to treating opiate dependence. The center has been providing help since 1974 with a treatment philosophy that emphasizes clients’ willingness to recover. At the center, strict confidentiality, which ensures the security of clients, is the focus of treatment programs. Also, the qualified recovery specialists endeavor to work with clients on the founding of mutual trust and respect. Narcotic Drug Treatment Center in Anchorage, AK essentially works towards one goal, and that is the holistic rehabilitation of individuals dependent on narcotics and other opiates.

Why Consider Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Anchorage

Methadone assisted treatment is the highlight of the recovery program at Narcotic Drug Treatment Center. Detoxification marks the start of the journey to recovery. The purpose of detox is essentially the purification of the body systems. Toxins and residues from the use of opiates are removed from the body during this process. Detox can be quite challenging, mainly if carried out cold turkey. At the Narcotic Drug Treatment Center in Alaska, methadone is used to assist in this recovery process. Methadone is a slow-acting, synthetic opioid agonist. Although it binds to the same receptors in the brain as opioids, it acts in a manner different from them. Methadone, when appropriately used, does not elicit euphoric feelings nor induce sedation and analgesia like other opiates. Also, the body breaks down methadone differently from opioids, a factor contributing to its quality of being long-acting. As it replaces other opioids on the brain receptors, methadone thus helps the recovering individual to limit and quit opiate use safely. Also, since this binding mimics opiate binding, the individual faces minimal withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.

Individual and group counseling is another step in the treatment program at the Narcotic Drug Treatment Center in Anchorage, AK. Clients undergo counseling along with the methadone-assisted detox. These counseling sessions aim to equip individuals with the right tools and knowledge they need to recover successfully. Recovering individuals are exposed to life and social skills for better living during and after treatment. These sessions assist recovering individuals to make improved life choices free of narcotics and other opioids after recovery. The outpatient program provided at the center allows recovering individuals to connect with loved ones even during treatment. Recovering individuals only have to devote a few hours per day to therapy and counseling treatment. They can take up usual professional and personal responsibilities while they continue to work towards complete sobriety.


  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Methadone-assisted therapy
  • Medical, educational, nutritional services
  • Referral services


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)


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