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Montco Recovery Center

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Montco Recovery Center in Colmar, PA is an addiction treatment facility that provides this much-needed rehabilitation to chemically-dependent individuals. An increasing number of individuals, especially adults, struggle with chemical dependence. This addiction to alcohol and drugs, both prescription and illegal ones, leave devastating effects on society.

In many known cases, the chemically-dependent individuals are also faced with emotional distress likely due to their dependence or causes, which manifest as mental health disorders. It’s essential that proper and comprehensive treatment be made available to such individuals to help them become sober and mentally sound.

Montco Recovery Center
262 Bethlehem Spike, Sta 102

Colmar, Pennsylvania 18915

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About Montco Recovery Center in Colmar, PA

Located in the serene area of Colmar in Pennsylvania, Montco Recovery Center is an outpatient addiction treatment facility. The center also provides care for co-occurring addictions (the unique cases where an individual is diagnosed with substance misuse and mental ill-health). Montco Recovery Center Colmar PA focuses on providing holistic healing to clients. As such, measures are put in place that meet the physical, emotional, and emotional needs of recovering individuals. For this reason, the center is fitted with modern amenities that provide comfort for clients. These include convenient meeting and lounge areas and private rooms for a one-on-one meeting with therapists.

The Joint Commission accredited Montco Recovery Center in Colmar, PA which shows that they uphold the highest standards of addiction treatment clinical care. They are also a member of the Pennsylvania department of drug and alcohol programs. Moreover, the facility is LegitScript certified for its optimal service offerings to help clients recover. The committed team of professionals at Montco Recovery Center PA comprises individuals with varying skills and expertise in addiction rehabilitation. They employ evidence-based and trauma-informed care that caters to the individual needs of recovering individuals.

Monto Recovery Center Program Overview

The care continuum at Montco Recovery Center spans partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and general outpatient plans. The partial hospitalization program (PHP) serves as a transitioning phase for individuals graduating from residential or inpatient addiction treatment. It aims to support clients’ reintegration into society and daily living through intensive therapy that builds coping abilities. At Montco Recovery, PHP involves 25 hours of group therapy (with 5 hours daily from Monday to Friday) and at least one individual therapy session per week.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a step down from PHP wherein clients rejoin work/school and restore relationships with loved ones. Recovering individuals are more exposed to the real world and learn to handle real-life problems at this level. At the center, IOP involves 3 hours of group therapy for 3 to 5 days weekly with a minimum of one hour of individual therapy. The general outpatient program (GOP) is the least restrictive level of care wherein individuals have a higher degree of flexibility with work/school, family obligations, and clinical scheduling. Clients receive only 3 hours of group therapy once or twice weekly with at least one hour of individual therapy every week.

Dual diagnosis treatment is also available for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Clinicians at Montco Recovery engage in cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and meditation to assist these individuals. Over 60% of recovering individuals who receive simultaneous treatment for their substance addiction and mental health issue report having little to no relapses years after treatment. Thus, dual diagnosis treatment becomes beneficial for sustaining sobriety and mental soundness.


  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • PHP Treatment
  • IOP Treatment
  • General Outpatient Program
  • Alumni Program


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
  • The Joint Commission Accreditation
  • LegitScript Certified


Martin Erico
Rated 5 out of 5
April 21, 2021

This rehab saved my mom from an alcoholic death. It was certain until they intervened, so our family is forever grateful and always recommends them on sites like these when we get the chance. True story!

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