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Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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The Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Biloxi, MS is a family-owned rehab known for prioritizing its clients for lasting recovery. The Mississippi Treatment Center Biloxi extends a warm, close-knit relationship to clients, which helps ensure their comfort during healing. Furthermore, the facility highly prioritizes individual care.

The benefit of this treatment model is the optimum recovery of individuals since they receive the right amount of attention they need timely. Also, because addiction styles and substances widely vary, individuals typically need pinpointed help to have a lasting recovery. That is why the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center provides specialized clinical addiction care to avoid relapses when someone feels cravings or triggers.

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
13251 Reece Bergeron Rd

Biloxi, Mississippi 39532

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About the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Biloxi, Mississippi

The Joint Commission licensed the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. This implies that the facility is regularly recognized as providing clients with excellent recovery services. Furthermore, the staff body at the center is composed of highly experienced and credentialed clinicians and administrators. Each staff member boasts several years of experience in their respective fields with total dedication to help clients heal.

Why Consider Mississippi Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Certain factors make the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Biloxi, MS stand out and a prime choice for undergoing rehab. These features include:

  • Evidence-based care offered by skilled clinicians. Evidence-based models of treatment are backed by scientific research and repeatedly proven to be successful. An excellent example in substance addiction treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • A holistic approach to rehab to help the mind, body, and spirit heal. Generally, addiction takes a heavy toll on the body and mind and manifests as several kinds of side effects depending on the substance used. At such a stage, the affected individual may even give up on rehab resulting in a broken spirit. Hence, the whole approach that treatment takes at the center ensures complete recovery and defends against possible relapses.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for clients with co-occurring disorders. This is available for individuals who struggle with chemical dependence and mental health issues, such as depression and alcoholism or drug addiction with anxiety. With dual diagnosis treatment, co-occurring disorders are treated simultaneously to maintain recovery.
  • Trauma therapy to address underlying issues that lead to substance misuse in some clients. These issues could be loss, grief, past abuse, or any other condition which causes individuals to become chemically dependent.
  • Recreational activities and outings to strengthen the mind and body. Going through treatment may become habitual and too monotonous for some individuals. However, with occasional recreation, they are energized to carry on therapy and build profitable, sober relationships.
  • Family programs and support services. The family programs educate the close ones of recovering individuals on proper ways to support recovery and desist from addiction-enabling habits. Support programs help to place individuals in recovery back in society, helping them get back in school or seeking employment.
  • Specialized aftercare plans. These are care programs that come after individuals have concluded their treatment programs at the center. Medical research advocates continuing care for its great success rates in sustaining sobriety.

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Biloxi Mississippi offers recovery treatment on an inpatient and outpatient program level, plus aftercare availability and on-going sober support.


  • Evidence-Based Care
  • Family Program
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Aftercare Support
  • Clinical Expertise


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO)


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