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Over the last decade, drug and alcohol addictions have risen to worrying heights in the state of Maine. There have been higher reported rates of adults and teenagers who misuse chemical substances. The risk of overdose is also increased because more people abuse opioids, specifically heroin and fentanyl, along with benzodiazepines and alcohol.

To help with this situation, individuals are urged to undergo addiction rehabilitation. Facilities such as Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, ME provide extensive services and programs for treating substance abuse.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center
343 Forest Ave

Portland, Maine 04101

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What to Know About Liberty Bay Recovery Center

Liberty Bay Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center located in Portland, Maine. The facility offers a broad spectrum of services to chemically dependent individuals that boost their recovery. A particular service offered by the center is a warm and humanized treatment approach. At Liberty Bay, the comfort of recovering individuals is a priority as this facilitates recovery. Diverse treatment programs are provided and each aimed at resolving addiction and mental health issues. With state-of-the-art amenities, the center accounts for the convenience of clients. Another important trait of Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Maine is the team of recovery specialists. Having compassion and being dedicated, these specialists assist recovering individuals through addiction treatment. Some of these specialists are former addicts and as such, can offer aid from empathetic standpoints.

Why You Should Choose Liberty Bay Recovery Center

From the initial consultation, Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, Maine, aspires to help clients through the process of recovery. They do this through thorough evaluations of addiction history and mental health. Once this primary assessment is concluded, the recovering individual is moved into the appropriate treatment program.

The rehabilitation programs offered at Liberty Bay are personalized to the client. For prolonged or intensive cases of chemical dependence, it is recommended that treatment begins in a residential program. As the clients recover, they can be moved to less restrictive programs like the outpatient program. The fundamental step in treatment is detoxification. It is commonly incorporated in a residential program. The goal of the detox plan at Liberty Bay is to help clients effectively and safely withdraw from using drugs and alcohol. Expert clinicians are also on hand to monitor progress and administer medications as necessitated. Qualified psychotherapists attend to any emotional issues that arise due to withdrawal. With focused therapy sessions, the recovering individual is able to attain holistic recovery. Detox at Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, ME typically takes up to a week, or more depending on the extent of addiction.

From detoxification, the client moves on to a partial hospitalization treatment program (PHP), and then the outpatient program (OP). PHP precedes OP and may last for 30 days or more. Both programs allow the patients to go home to loved ones and usual responsibilities at the end of the day. They however differ in duration of treatment hours. PHP comprises full-day schedules of treatment services like therapy and counseling sessions. Outpatient programs only involve a few hours of programming per day. To further encourage the recovery of clients, Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, ME incorporates family therapy. This serves to provide strong support networks that ultimately allows the recovering individual to sustain sobriety.


  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Medical Detoxification
  • Heroin Detox Program
  • Men’s Rehab Program
  • Residential Addiction Treatment


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • LegitScript


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