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Charleston Recovery Center

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Charleston Recovery Center in North Charleston, SC is fully committed to recovering addicted individuals that cannot stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. The facility ensures healing through its intensive long-term residential recovery plans, which span over ninety days. Typically, rehab facilities operate on the 30-day benchmark for the treatment of individuals.

However, it is common to find a high rate of relapse in these cases. That is why Charleston Recovery Center South Carolina truly recognizes the value of a prolonged stay in recovery to sustain sobriety. Regardless, the facility still offers a 30-day recovery plan but only if warranted in the individual.

Charleston Recovery Center
5060 Dorchester Rd, Ste 210

North Charleston, South Carolina 29418

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About Charleston Recovery Center Sorth Carolina

Charleston Recovery Center in North Charleston, SC is a not-for-profit corporation offering recovery aid to individuals with alcohol or drug addictions. The center operates two residential recovery communities, a halfway house, a sober living home, and a thrift store, among other services.

Staff at the facility are individuals who have completed their recovery treatments and are maintaining sobriety. These individuals offer help from a mix of personal and professional experience with destination and empathy. Hence, recovering individuals receive the best support they need from a non-bias standpoint all through their stay at Charleston Recovery Center in SC.

Why Charleston Recovery Center in North Charleston, SC

The treatment program at Charleston Recovery Center is designed to facilitate long-term recovery from substance misuse. The program has a basic structure and is formulated to follow the staff’s guidelines based on their recovery journey. Chemically-dependent individuals have a better chance of complete healing by precisely employing the tools provided at the center. Treatment plans offered are on an inpatient and intensive outpatient basis for at least 90 days. Ashley Hope is one of the two recovery communities at Charleston Recovery and is situated on six wooded acres on Highway 61. It offers a scenic atmosphere for healing in a primary treatment program and continuing aftercare. Alumni at the facility can reside in the surrounding apartments aside from the main residential building. The Beach House serves as the sober living home for individuals transitioning from residential to outpatient care. With its upscale resort outlook, this location functions as a prime place for individuals to bond and develop social skills while in recovery.

More About Charleston Recovery Center

The 90-day minimum treatment plan at Charleston Recovery Center in South Carolina is broken into several sub-plans to clarify the recovery process. These begin with the first approximately two weeks as a newcomer for new intakes at the center. At this stage, individuals are introduced to recovery and living sober. It is also the point at which they adjust and learn to handle cravings as they heal. The next phase is the core six weeks of the residential plan at Charleston Recovery Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. Here, individuals learn coping skills and receive counseling for bouncing back from a life of chemical dependence. They are exposed to and encouraged to practice the improved choice of living sober and being responsible. The third level is the senior status level, where recovering individuals may be assigned to work with others and offer help as a peer. This senior status level may be conferred on individuals sooner than at the two-month mark if they exhibit good behavior and consistent treatment progress. Aftercare comes after this senior status level and serves as an accountability measure for individuals to remain sober.


  • Inpatient Addiction Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Gender-Specific Programs
  • Sober Living Residences
  • Individualized Treatment Plan


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Non-profit 501c3 corporation


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