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Alcohol and drug addiction is a severe disease that ravages the lives of many Americans. In some cases, individuals turn to these substances due to unaddressed mental stresses like depression or trauma. Rehab facilities like A Chance to Change in The Village, OK solve addiction problems by providing recovery plans specifically for each condition.

As such, individuals can attain holistic recovery and live sound, sober lives afterward. If you’re interested more in the addiction treatment services offered by a Chance to Change in Oklahoma, reach out for assistance around the clock.

A Chance to Change
2113 West Britton Road

The Village, Oklahoma 73120

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About A Chance to Change in The Village, Oklahoma

A Chance to Change in The Village, OK is a non-profit agency located in Oklahoma City that provides addiction and mental health recovery services. Since founded around 1979, the agency’s vision has been centered around helping individuals and their families heal from chemical dependence. Over the years, services offered has grown to include outpatient mental health treatment and increased addiction prevention and education. The facility is also licensed by the Center for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

The team of staff at A Chance to Change Oklahoma comprises a life coach, several clinical directors, therapists, and many other clinicians. All of the staff members are trained and bear years of respective experience in their various roles. The agency is overseen by a Board of Directors which consists of community volunteers and business leaders. The fundamental mission of the facility is to aid individuals to overcome substance addiction and mental health disorders. This goal is made practical through solution-creation and by lauding recovery.

More About A Chance to Change Treatment Services

Different treatment programs are provided at A Chance to Change in The Village to aid individuals’ safe recovery. These include outpatient substance abuse treatment, counseling, addiction education, and case management services. The outpatient program for chemical dependence runs for 12 weeks and involves both individual and group sessions. During sessions, recovering individuals set recovery goals and learn techniques to help them stay sober. This outpatient recovery plan is provided at low costs to low-income individuals due to the help of several donors. Before individuals are selected to undertake this program, they first go through an initial assessment to determine if they qualify. The certified counselors at the agency help individuals heal from problem gambling and trauma through intensive counseling. Families are usually involved in some parts of the counseling to help them recover as well. Other mental disorders like depression and anxiety are also treated through therapy at the facility. Similarly, co-occurring addiction treatment is provided to help those individuals who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Addiction education at A Chance to Change in The Village, OK is an 8-part teaching series. It focuses on the diseases of chemical dependence, codependency, enabling, treatment, family roles, behavioral addiction, integrated treatment, and trauma. The objective is to expose individuals to substance abuse nuances to aid personal healing or assist a loved one in recovery. Case management is the service offered by staff members to support individuals in recovery. These include but are not limited to employment help, securing stable and affordable housing, and linkage to financial assistance for essential needs or debt reduction. Other fringe services are also provided at the facility. Payment options are flexible and incorporate self-pay, most medical insurances, and foundational support from the agency.


  • Stress Management
  • Family and Marital Issues in Addiction
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Early Drug and Alcohol Intervention
  • Drug and Alcohol Education


Most health insurances are accepted.


  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Oklahoma Mental Health & Substance Abuse


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