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MAT Opioid Addiction Programs Near Me

For an opioid addiction program to be most beneficial in helping someone who is addicted to opioids first to get clean and then recover, the treatment program must include medications to help the person get through withdrawal symptoms. Medication-Assisted Treatments, also known as MATs, are medicines that help people addicted to opioids such as heroin, prescription pain killers, fentanyl, morphine, and others to detox off the opioids. If you’re searching for MAT opiate therapy near me for a loved one, or you are ready to give it a try, you’re taking a big step in the right direction.

MAT Opioid Addiction Programs Near MeMedication-Assisted Opioid Treatment Programs Near Me

The physical symptoms that opioid addictions cause keep people enslaved to continue using them because they do not want to get sick and suffer. The withdrawal symptoms that opioids cause for anyone who is addicted are extreme.

The detox symptoms that occur when a person tries to quit opioids alone are extremely tough to endure. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can also be life-threatening. The prescription medication is given through MAT therapy programs near me to treat the opiate detox symptoms quickly. Most people who go into withdrawal and are put on medication-assisted treatment near me and will feel better in as little as one hour.

Why is Medication-Assisted Treatment Helpful for Opioid Use Disorders?

MATs for opioid addiction, which is also called opioid use disorder, also allow the individual to be partially medicated at the beginning of their recovery. Getting free from an addiction to opioids is really difficult. Adjusting to life without the effects of intoxicating substances requires patience and medications to help them along. Some of the most common opioid withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Body aches and muscle cramps
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Extreme abdominal cramping
  • Agitation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Uncontrollable body movements (kicking)
  • Sweating, clammy skin, chills
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Fixation and intense cravings for opioid drugs

Find MAT Opiate Programs Near Me

If you want to find MAT opiate programs near me but are still hesitant and need more information, the government has back up medication-assisted treatment near me with science and peer-reviewed clinical studies. The medication that is prescribed in an opioid addiction program as a type of MAT for Opioid Use Disorder is Buprenorphine, which is most commonly called Suboxone. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, describes the types of Buprenorphine and why they are beneficial. NIDA describes how it acts on specific brain receptors that cause addiction and detox symptoms. Buprenorphine is proven to help even the most chronic opioid-addicted person finally get off the drugs and stay clean.

Suboxone reduces or eliminates opioid withdrawal symptoms, including drug cravings, without producing the “high” or dangerous side effects of heroin and other opioids. It does this by both activating and blocking opioid receptors in the brain (i.e., it is what is known as a partial opioid agonist). It is available for sublingual (under-the-tongue) administration both in a stand-alone formulation (called Subutex) and in combination with another agent called naloxone. The naloxone in the combined formulation (marketed as Suboxone). (NIDA)

The rates of long-term recovery for people who are using MATs to get free of their addiction to opioids versus those who are not is significant. Suboxone is often prescribed to addicts who have used opioids like heroin or other potent opiates for many years. All opioid drugs are physically addicting. They will cause the individual to stay on the drugs for many years. During the length of a person’s addiction to opioids, they will also become different people. Most people addicted to opioids will engage in crime, lie, and steal, usually ending up in jail or worse. Opioids typically claim a person’s life for 2 to 10 years. The MAT programs near me have doctors who are available to prescribe the very best and latest cutting-edge medication in the battle against opioid abus and dependency.

Support for MAT Opioid Addiction Programs Near Me

There could very well be no MAT opioid addiction programs near me because medication-assisted treatment is often stigmatized although evidence points to the fact that it does lower relapse and overdose statistics. A person who is giving up their addiction to opioids will need a medication-assisted treatment program near me and one-on-one counseling, evidence-based forms of therapy, group counseling, and other addiction treatment therapies. Opioid addiction is an issue of addiction. Addiction is caused by many factors that opioid rehab programs can work on with each person. To learn about the MAT opioid addiction programs near me, please reach out to one of the opioid treatment centers.

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