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Washington takes after the United States for its substance use challenge, which intercepts drug and alcohol use. Substance abuse has managed to thrive in the state despite the many interventions and policies targeted at curtailing it over the years. With both young and old caught in the crisis, it is unlikely that the state will prevail over it anytime soon. Among the drugs misused in Washington are marijuana, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, and prescription medications.

Adolescents are critical players in Washington’s drug use problem. Recent reports from the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer show alarming rates for cigarette, marijuana, and illicit drug use in the age group. Between 2017 and 2019, an annual average of 191,000 adolescents used one or more of the above drugs.

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The Cost of Substance Use and Addiction in Ridgefield

The complications that come with drug and alcohol use or dependence make addiction treatment indispensable. Chemically dependent people grapple with numerous physical and mental challenges, which also significantly impacts their family members and communities. Substance use disorders, job losses and unemployment, DUI crashes, and death constitute the most popular forms of these challenges. The risk of contracting infectious diseases or exacerbating existing non-communicable diseases is also common among chronic substance users.

Considering the multi-faceted nature of these unfortunate outcomes, the economic costs incurred from them are quite immense. In the United States, substance use and related problems account for over $700 billion annually. This huge sum which covers losses from crime, unemployment, and addiction treatment, constitutes a significant strain on the nation’s revenue.

Notably, substance-dependent people are not the only ones entangled in the above cascade of events. Individuals who have no history of substance use also suffer some of these awful consequences, either directly or indirectly. Consequently, interventions that stem substance use or help people beat addiction will benefit both addicted and abstinent individuals.

Dealing with Substance Use and Addiction in Ridgefield, WA

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs offer addicted people reliable options for overcoming their substance use struggle. At the core of our operations is a sincere desire to watch you and your loved ones beat addiction with little or no hassles. This desire is well backed by our years of competence in Washington’s addiction treatment industry. If you are uncertain where to begin your recovery journey, our Recovery Advocates are here to help you.

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Our services span drug and alcohol addiction, as well as multiple forms of substance use-related problems. The Addiction Therapists in our network are renowned in Ridgefield and across the State of Washington for their ability to design remarkable addiction treatment plans. They will work with you to unravel your addiction and develop effective therapies that yield predictable results within a short timeframe. The routes to attaining sobriety they offer are also tailored to fit your schedules or substance use history.

Sobriety is not as costly as you think. The rehabilitation centers we lead you to provide affordable services and accept appropriate health insurance covers. Kindly reach out to us to learn more about how our support will help ease your quest for abstinence.

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