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The State of Virginia has witnessed a relative decline in the use and misuse of most substances over the last few years. However, heroin use remains a mystery in the state. Data from Virginia’s recent Behavioral Health Barometer indicated a startling rise in average heroin use from 2002 and 2017. Around 31,000 youths and adults reported annual past year use of the drug between 2015 and 2017. This figure, which represented 0.44% of individuals in the age groups, was also an almost three-fold rise from the previous years’ average of 0.16%. As with many other states in the nation, Virginia also tussles with the use of prescription opioids, methamphetamines, tobacco, and alcohol.

Herndon is a small city in Fairfax County of Northern Virginia. Several factors set Herndon up as a significant contributor to the state’s substance use trend. The city’s location in the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area of the United States is likely one of the most important of these factors. Additionally, the city also boasts the highest population of the three incorporated towns in its county.

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Why Choose Drug Treatment in Herndon, VA

There is certain confidence associated with enrolling in a recovery program that substance-dependent individuals would never get elsewhere. This assurance arises from the outstanding features of addiction treatment programs, especially the fact that their outcomes are easily predictable. Most people, however, despite these obvious advantages still choose to bypass the services of professionals in dealing with their addiction. Perhaps, they are ignorant of the benefits of, or simply disinterested in seeking external help. Little wonder some addicted individuals still think they should handle their substance use dilemma unaided.

Addiction Treatment in Herndon, Virginia

Resorting to self-help recovery strategies may sound quite heroic. However, there are not enough proofs to show that such actions yield the expected kind of results. Oftentimes, people who tread this path end up disappointed and defeated, and may become candidates for depression or serious suicidal thoughts. With the client-centered, research-based nature of recovery programs, one is certain of experiencing anew the joy and confidence that accompanies that feeling of being in control.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Herndon, VA

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Herndon, VA is particularly preoccupied with helping substance-dependent individuals free themselves of the overpowering burden of addiction. We understand the pain and frustration that comes with being substance dependent and have great confidence in the recommendations we proffer. Regardless of the nature or duration of your struggle with substance use, we will assist you to find a rehabilitation facility that provides comfort, alongside sobriety. The focused commitment of the crop of Addiction Specialists in our network is the best within and around the City of Herndon. It would bring you immense relief to be catered for by people who are as passionate about your recovery as you are.

If you are that individual who wants to access addiction support or have a loved one who needs our assistance to beat addiction, then do get in touch with us. You can use the contact numbers provided for more information about addiction treatment in Herndon, VA and out-of-state.

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