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The substance use epidemic of the United States is possibly the nation’s toughest and most predominant problem. Not only does it affect a majority of the nation’s populace, but its impacts also cut across the chasms caused by differences in age, educational status, and affluence.

According to data from the recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 165.4 million people who were at least 12 years old, used substances in the past month in 2019. Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana recorded the highest prevalence, with about 140 million, 58 million, and 32 million users, respectively. Several individuals also reported using more than one substance.

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The State of Virginia currently ranks below both regional and national averages for the use of most substances. However, it is not entirely exempted from the nation’s substance use challenge. Opioid overdose still accounts for a large fraction of overall drug overdose deaths in Virginia, with almost 1,200 deaths documented in 2018.

While prescription opioid overdose was responsible for the least number of deaths, synthetic opioids took the lead with more than 800 deaths. Perhaps, the low rate at which drug providers wrote opioid prescriptions in the state that year significantly influenced this trend.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Virginia

As opposed to what is widely believed by most substance-dependent individuals, addiction is nothing near a death sentence. It could be a tough struggle or a disheartening dilemma, but it does not always end up in unfortunate outcomes. Even though a happy-ending narrative may not be the norm for most people, sobriety is still nonetheless a possibility that has been attained by a handful of individuals.

The price for this kind of experience, which often involves a desire to become intentional about breaking the stronghold of substance use over one’s life, is also affordable.

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Regardless of the nature or history of their addiction, most addicted individuals would readily access profitable support from competent Addiction Specialists in Virginia. With its multiple rehabilitation facilities, the state seems to be a perfect haven for unraveling and overcoming addiction. However, it is never enough to have myriads of sobriety-bringing centers where people can go to for help, except, of course, these centers are both accessible and inexpensive. That is exactly why you will benefit immensely from the incredible services rendered by the devoted team at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Virginia and out-of-state.

What we do at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Virginia is simple. We assist individuals who are overwhelmed by their puzzling dependence on drugs or alcohol. Our focus is to guide them to locate and enroll in the most-rewarding, best-fit Virginia drug treatment programs that help them deal with their addiction. With our years of experience in Virginia’s addiction treatment industry, you are assured that our recommendations will yield the kind of results you envision.

Are you ready to beat your substance addiction? Nothing should stop you from contacting our Recovery Advocates right away. You will be utterly amazed at the compassionate and enthusiastic demeanor they so easily exude.

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