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A large number of people abuse drugs and alcohol in the State of Vermont. The substance use problem of the state affects several age groups, spanning newborns, children, adolescents, and adults. In 2017, the incidence of Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS) in the state quadrupled the national rate of 7 cases per 1,000 hospital births. NOWS affects newborns whose mothers struggled with opioid use during pregnancy. Consequently, its high incidence in Vermont is a likely pointer to the appalling nature of the state’s opioid use crisis.

In 2018, opioid overdose was responsible for more than 100 deaths in the state. Although this figure appears insignificant when placed against the national opioid overdose fatality of almost 47,000, it is perhaps too heavy a burden for the state. Its proportional rate of 22.8 significantly surpassed the national rate of 14.6 for opioid-involved drug overdose deaths.

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Why Addicted Individuals Fail to Enter Vermont Drug Rehab Programs

The prevalence of addiction treatment centers in Vermont has not been able to suppress the substance use trend of the state. The many individuals who fail to seek the support of professionals in breaking their substance dependence, however, cause this imbalance. The reason for the popular indifference with which these individuals treat recovery programs is linked to multiple diverse factors, the most common of which is denial.

Denying their substance use struggle is one-way addicted individuals excuse themselves from the need to seek professional support. This practice is often a consequence of the strong dislike and discrimination that often accompanies a dependence on substances, particularly illicit drugs. Inadequate finance or lack of faith in their ability to beat addiction may also influence whether or not addicted people seek timely intervention for their addiction.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Vermont

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Vermont is well acquainted with the numerous challenges that could deter substance-dependent people from seeking professional aid. As a result, we tailor our addiction support schemes to make provisions for these discouraging factors. The Addiction Professionals we work with adopt best practices in offering support to people who find it hard to quit their dependence on drugs or alcohol. With a penchant for listening and proffering effective solutions that lead to sobriety, our support system is one of the best you will find in Vermont, or out-of-state.

The formidable network of top-notch rehabilitation centers we recommend assures you of outstanding services that will surpass your expectations. The Recovery Specialists you will find at these facilities are a crop of passionate experts with years of experience in Vermont’s addiction treatment industry. They are also renowned for their pristine ability to command results within the shortest possible period.

What more do you want in a Vermont drug treatment center? If you have any unique needs or preferences, do not hesitate to share them with us on your first appointment. Reach out to us today to initiate the first steps in your recovery journey. Do not put off your recovery until a later time.

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