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As the county seat and largest city in Sevier County, Sevierville is not exempted from the substance abuse crisis plaguing Tennessee. Tennessee residents misuse several substances, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and opioids. However, the state’s opioid use challenge is a distinct aspect of its substance abuse crisis.

According to data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Tennessee ranked the third-highest state for prescription opioid use in 2018. At an average rate of 81.8 opioids prescriptions per 100 Tennessee residents, the state surpassed the national rate by over 30 points. Notably, prescription opioids remain a leading cause of drug overdose deaths in the state. About 550 fatalities were associated with their use in 2018.

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Aside from opioid prescriptions, heroin and synthetic opioids also constitute a significant problem in Tennessee. The surging rates of deaths associated with their use suggest more individuals are now interested in misusing these opioid drugs. Within the last decade, drug overdose deaths related to heroin and synthetic opioids more than doubled in the state.

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Seeking support from the right sources and then following through with the recovery procedure is indispensable to overcoming alcohol addiction. However, addicted people sometimes sidestep these processes in their quest for recovery.

Individuals who fail to follow through with the schedule recommended in recovery programs can suffer a relapse. The experience may even be worse for those who choose unproven techniques over structured Sevierville, TN addiction treatment programs. These individuals grapple with the crushing burden of withdrawal symptoms and other appalling kinds of fallout from substance abuse. Consequently, they often battle episodes of depression or severe thoughts of suicide. In extreme cases, death from drug overdose may also result.

In the long run, addicted people are not the only ones caught in this dilemma. Their families and immediate communities are also affected significantly.

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People who seek assistance early on in their addiction stand a better chance of attaining sobriety. The timely intervention of Addiction Therapists is indispensable to helping you or your loved ones circumvent or reverse the many tragic outcomes associated with substance abuse. With its all-encompassing benefits, you can be confident that you will also spare your family members and community the overwhelming consequences of substance use and addiction.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Sevierville, TN or out-of-state boasts of an extensive network of top-notch recovery centers. We expose you to numerous result-oriented Sevierville TN addiction treatment programs delivered in the most serene settings you can think of through our network. The programs we recommend are not only offered by renowned therapists but are also tailored to fit your unique experience with substance abuse.

We understand how limiting a budget can be in accessing your preferred program, and you need not worry. Our recommendations offer affordable recovery plans, and where applicable, accept health insurance covers. Nothing should keep you from reaching your abstinence goals. Please, reach out to our Substance Abuse Professionals to get started with Sevierville addiction treatment recovery.

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